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September 18, 2007


Just Plain Rick

Here's the deal. I understand that blogging and search engines could help me market. I get that search engines can lead people to me. I have had real two-way conversations with real people that found my blog through the magic that you're talking about. You also reference F2F networking. I suggest that you look at the way John DiPietro, Dan Verrico, Steve Groccia, Dan Vinton and myself "network" (they're not the only ones, but they're the ones that I mentioned). Then think about why (aside from age) they're different from most newer networkers. (God, I wish I could've thought of a better way to word that. Feel free to edit.) So, here's a challenge: Do you think that you could get them to tell your readers the difference? Each of them knows, the question is, "Will they share?" One more thing. I told my mother that you mentioned me on your blog again today and she asked if you had changed the colors yet. I said, "No." She asked, "Doesn't he care that it's hard to read?" I hung up.

peter caputa

Maybe you should send them this link? That'd be great if they could share how they network. I have much respect for all of them. If they dont' feel comfortable leaving a comment, I'd be happy to speak with them and share it with my newsletter and blog readers.

Dan Verrico

I am not sure as to why I effectively network. Recently my wife went to a Veteran's seminar with my 81 year old father-in-law. There is a benefit for Vets that under certain conditions allows them to benefit as much as $1801. /month for health related expenses.
When she came home we wrote down those people we knew who might qualified, and the next day started calling friends (mostly children of vets) to share this.
One of my contacts was the president of Bose Corporation whose father will qualify. Bob said, Dan why do you do this? I said Bob, it's called networking.
My point is we are willing to share ourselves, and contacts with honest sincere people who could use the help, no matter what the occasion or event.
My agenda score card does not exist. The universe takes care of the rest

peter caputa

Thanks for sharing that, Dan.


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