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September 18, 2007


Dossy Shiobara

Congratulations to you both, Peter!

Go get some sleep now, because you won't be getting any for a while. :-)


Congrats! And ditto Dossy. Go see a movie, too. I've been to the theater only about 5 times in the 2.5+ years since my boy was born!

peter caputa

Thanks gentleman.


We're here, Pete. Anxious and happy for you both.

Ron Chernisky

Hey Pete, the one thing I learned from watching the birth of my first son was I preferred to hold her hand and look at her face. The other end was not as easy to watch (getting queasy and fainting is bad on your part).

May God bless you, your wife and son.

Mike Langford

I am very excited for you and Amy. You are about to experience one of the greatest moments of your life.

Bob Benoit

As a father of 3 I can attest to 2 things surrounding such a life changing experience: 1)Your life will never be your own again, and 2) You will come to know the true meaning of labor, and why it's so much easier to be the "Father" !
Best of Luck to you and your wife !!

Jody Shyllberg

How exciting that this time has finally arrived! Quite true that your lives will never be the same, and desite all the ups and downs of parenthood, you'll never regret a single moment. Congratulations in advance of the blessed event!!

Sharon Kuchenbecker

I'm just glad something got you to drive a little slower, safer etc!! Congrats to you all---life as you have known it will soon be over and the bills will just keep pouring in for the next 21 years or more as you give your new son all of the educational advantages, toys, electronic gadgets and fabulous things I am sure he will be well worth!! So, sleep if you can, save a few $$ each week and enjoy that new baby smell that you will never forget!! It is all worth it!!

Bethany and Chris Bauer

So excited to meet our 1st nephew!

Sending all love, thoughts and prayers for a happy and healthy delivery.

peter caputa

Hey everyone. Thanks for all your support, well wishes, advice and prayers.


I'm so excited to meet Baby Peter V. I'm praying for a healthy delivery of the baby, and to keep Amy safe also. All my love!

Paul LaFlamme

Pete, Congrats to you and Amy!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Congrats Pete. I was in your shoes 7 months ago. Hang in there. Here's my account of the ordeal http://the-berniers.com/?p=41

Good Luck!

Jason Kallio

I just want to concur with the sleeping issue. If enough people say it, you'll have to believe it.

Jeetu Mahtani

Leena and I are extremely excited! Can't wait to see PC-V! Our prayers are with Amy and you.

Shelly Monks

Peter IV, Amy and Peter V--- you will be in my thoughts and prayers. All will go well...have faith.

Gina Oliveri

Congrats Peter & Amy! Can't wait to see pics of baby Peter V. Best wishes!


Can I call him Cinco? Welcome!
Congrats Everyone!

Sharon Kuchenbecker

Your folks will lend you some much needed support --it's hard when you can't really control what's happening, and support is GOOD....so here's mine... Yeah Pete! and Go Amy! and Take the plunge 'lil Cinco!! I think that nickname might stick!

Sandy, John and Christopher Weisbrot

Amy and Pete,
The waiting is worth every second! There will be no greater joy for you both than when you see his screaming face for the first time! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! Hang in there Amy...and Pete too!


Seth and Sue Popinchalk

Woohhooo! We can't wait! Keep your strength up... Pete: don't eat any peppers or onions. Call if you need anything. We're there for you!

Matt & Rachael Stone

Just wanted to let you know we're so exicited for you and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Laura and Darryl

Good luck and keep us posted. Stay strong - a miracle is on the way!
Love you both...

Amy B

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! I raced back home to my computer and will be glued to it until that baby of yours is born! YAHOO!!!!!!!! Go AMY!

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