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August 01, 2007



You hit the nail on the head when you suggest a two-way mode of communication between newspaper and reader.

The printing industry is in decline, in fact the only segment of this industry to post a profit is digital (I believe it is up 3% for this year, while each and every other segment was negative). More so, the newspaper industry has been through an even longer recession. A big proponent to its decline has been caused by the industry trying to save itself—namely trying to compete with new media news sources (i.e. maintaining a “competitive” web component). Rather than creating a new front to compete against others with, they need to reinforce the inherit benefits to newspapers.

Enter Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is one of the most forward thinking people in regards to understanding the fundamental principles behind new media. His take over of the WSJ is not only going to save the WSJ, but also help save newspapers. It is interesting to note that this comes at a time where Google’s online advertising model has been applied to Print, through its AdWords system. Now, integrated into its search engine adverting, small businesses are able to advertise in national newspapers. We are integrating one of the oldest forms of news media with the newest media (think mySpace.com [also owned by Murdoch] integrating with your classifieds…same premise can be established throughout). Now that a New Media Mind is owner of an Old Medium, we will see an evolution in how newspapers will be perceived without sacrificing what a newspaper traditionally is.

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I think you have a great point. I'm sure WSJ doesn't want to lose all that money. On the other hand, I don't read what isn't free, so maybe they need to come up with a way for more people to read articles for free. I don't mind the ads.

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