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August 14, 2007


Mortgage Calculators

I take it this post is about financial counseling?

Peter Caputa

If that's spam, it's too brilliant to delete. If it's not spam, it's pretty funny... whoever posted it.

Feel free to use the comments in this post to link to your own site. Make sure you use good anchor text for your "name", like Mr Mortgage Calculators did. I'd be hypocritical if I deleted it.

Just nothing racy or profane please. Keep it PG-13.

Online Event Registration

You asked for it :)

Increase Event Attendance

LOL. I'll let it stand. Just because that's even funnier.


I help create Awesome Quiz Sites

Online Event Marketing

You totally screwed it up, Andy.

Extremely Relevant Websites

There's always somebody who messes it up, which makes it even funnier!

Higher $ale$ - Higher Margin$

Some people have to much time on their hands!

Growing Email List

I am wondering how long we can keep this going?

Jeanne Worrick

May I join the fray?

Jeanne Worrick

May I join the fray?

Meteoric Sales Increases

Maybe forever?

Online Event Promotion

Yes, Jeanne. You may. Try entering your web address into the URL field.

Annie Ide

Webinars and Seminars/Programs, books, cd's, for work/life balance issues and betterment for parents, caregivers, teachers, guidance counselors, employers, employees

On-Site CPR Training

This is my first attempt at joining in and writing in a blogg. Funny, I can't figure out what you are all talking about by the comments. Is there a dialog or just a list of your names?

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