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October 14, 2006


Jeetu Mahtani

Definitely blog cos like TechCrunch and PaidContent are doing very well with events. I am sure traditional publishing companies like Network World, TechTarget, and ComputerWorld do very well in terms of events and the $'s they bring in. It seems like most of these companies started with the publishing component before launching events; which is obvious...get the audience and then leverage it for other offerings. In any case, if the goal is to scale/attendance at events, then why would launching a publishing business be any less time consuming and intensive than partnering with online media/publishing outlets? It sounds like the other way around to me. The grunt of the work with partnering with local media outlets is probably going to be early on after which I think it becomes mechanics. But with the more established media outlets, it is less of a partnership but more of vendor-client relationship.

Your last two posts/campaigns definitely seems like a micro-publishing business. Provide the services to your clients to publish their content/events and use the attention you get through these campaigns to cross-promote and increase attendance at other events.

Peter Caputa

Nice. Are we going to start discussing our strategy on the blog?

Since we had this conversation the other day, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I think the key is letting others publish content on our site to drive SEO. They take advantage of the traffic we are getting. We take advantage of the search engine traffic their content will deliver to us. The key is getting the content. Since we have 2 years of locally relevant content sitting in our database, but not published publicly to our site, that's probably an obvious place to start. You know where it is. Let's try it out and then we can talk about it. I am sure that anyone reading all along can guess it, though.

I think partnering with traditional media and actually seeing them deliver results based on performance, is a lost cause. But, there's a lot of people out in the online media world moving traffic around based on performance. I've talked to a bunch of affiliate marketers in the last few weeks who can drive some local traffic, who are willing to pilot stuff for us, now that we have enough events going through the system.


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