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June 28, 2006


Eric Tapley

Really? I'm being paid?!

Wait a minute, Pete. Is this one of those checks that automatically subscribes me to a long-distance plan for $0.30/minute once I sign it? :)

Seriously, you're welcome. I enjoyed meeting attendees by catching them with their mouths full.

Peter Caputa

LOL. Thanks for being an unofficial photographer. It's a huge help!


Eric, great pictures, but are you aware that you have a "delete" button on your camera? Just because you take a picture of me with my mouth full doesn't mean you have to save it.

Pete, immeasurable kudos. How proud you must be to see a seed that you sowed grow to such a huge event. So many possibilities. I'll be forwarding your link and Paul's link to the Mike that I mentioned in my comment to Paul.

This is exactly what he needs. Imagine people coming from all over central and eastern Mass to a networking event at the DCU to meet some of the new Sharks? This is gonna be big!

Eric Tapley


Yes, I know I can delete photos. In fact, I *did* delete nearly 150 from the set I took. However, I felt the ones posted either have some humorous aspect to them, highlight personality in some way, or include so many people as to be of value.

How so, you ask?

Glad you did!

I think these photos are either funny, fun, or help you connect with someone you met at the event. It's a lot more engaging to see a photo of someone with their mouth open than to see a boring head shot. :)

That said if any photo really bothers anyone let me know and I'll take it down.

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