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April 10, 2006



Have extra Milk to sale in Utah. I am a mother of 6 and have pumped for a family member who no longer needs it. I pump 36-42 ounces a day and feed my 3 month old daughter

I am drug free, healthy, don't drink caffeine or alcohol. Rarely, if ever, take any kind of medication (Advil, Tylenol.. etc) Eat a well balanced diet and take prenatles, calcium and other vitamins to replace what nursing takes away.

I currently have 60+ bags of 6 ounces each in Lansonoh Breast Milk bags in my Deep freezer ranging from April 14th 2009 to today.

E-mail mooma_milk@yahoo.com for information and we can talk shipping or Local pick-up and other details. Asking $1 an ounce.


BREAST MILK FOR SALE. April's stock, Only selling in Georgia and for mothers in need, mother of 3 month old, no diseases, willing to go through a screening if necessary, non smoker, healthy diet, exercise regularly. Contact me at nsg1502@live.com


Is there anyone in the Southwest Missouri area that is looking to purchase breast milk? I am producing extra and would like to sell mine if there is a need, otherwise I will continue to store it for my son for when I am done pumping.


Is there anyone in Southwest Missouri that is wanting to purchase breast milk? I am pumping too much and would like to sell it if there is a need. Otherwise, I will store it for my son for when I am done pumping. Email at c_carter_9@yahoo.com. Thanks.


wanting to buy breast milk in Tennessee, Knoxville area, wetnursing services would be acceptible as well.


need breast milk in Tennessee, will buy it pumped or frlm a wetnurse.
contact me at milklover2@gmail.com


24 y/o mother of 2 with plenty of breast milk. My baby is 2 months old & I am still giving more milk than she needs so I have to pump frequently. I live in Canada but am more than willing to ship to the USA overnight etc. I am D&D free, and I don't drink or smoke, nor do I live with anyone that smokes. Contact me at mandya@mts.net if you are serious about needing/wanting breast milk, no time wasters please!


I'm a mother of a 3-month old, looking for a job as a wet nurse in the Salem, Oregon area.


Oh, and my email is shimanekbridge@gmail.com.


i am a 20yr old new mom, selling my breast milk for $2 an oz, will sell locally to DALLAS AREA or i will ship at your expense, i DO NOT SMOKE, DRINK, DONT DO DRUGS, NO DISEASE, AND NO MEDS. email me at getyourmilk24@yahoo.com


I sell my milk for .75 an ounce. or for larger orders i drop the price to .50 an ounce. I have so much that I have invaded my relatives freezers. Buyer pays for shipping. Stored in 6oz bags. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. Please contact me if you are intrested kellyisamommyof2@gmail.com


I'm a healthy, vegetarian mother of 2 who has some extra breast milk. I take prenatals, calcium and omega-3 supplements. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. If you are in need of breast milk for your baby, please contact me at avocadomama12@hotmail.com


I am a healthy 27 year old mother of two. My son is going to be 4 months and I am simply producing too much milk. I have two Wal-Mart bags full of sandwich size baggies. I am in New Mexico and would be willing to meet anybody in the Albuquerque, or even ship it if the buyer pays for shipping. I am disease free, and do not smoke or drink. I am selling it for $2 per ounce, but if you buy a large quantity I would consider letting it go for $1.50 per ounce. Please contact me at dedra_pena@hotmail.com. Thank you and hope to be hearing from you soon.


26-year old male living in the Seattle, WA area interested in buying fresh milk, or would pay extra to see you pump, etc. if you are comfortable with that (or for pics/videos of you pumping or expressing).

Please email me if interested.



milking mom

I am a mom of 2, most recently a Memorial Day baby! I am producing so much milk I am running out of room in the freezer!! I am a healthy eater. I do not drink alcohol, smoke or take any street or prescription drugs (only prenatal vitamins & a calcium suppliment) If you are interested in buying breast milk from me, please let me know by email first nisurveys@yahoo.com Please also include the reason you want the breastmilk & what it will be used for. Thank you.


27 year old male in WA state looking for a willing nursing woman to nurse me (regularly, or for short sessions if that is all that you are available for).

Attractive, kind and caring guy with steady job and good outlook on life. Can send you pics. Let me help you out financially and you can provide me with something special that only you can make.

Preferably local, but willing to travel to nearby areas if needed (Oregon, etc.).

Name your price and I'll be discreet and considerate (understand if you want to make some extra money but don't want anyone to know). I'll respect your privacy and make the experience as comfortable as possible for both of us.

Contact me at josephlogan19@gmail.com if interested.

Thank you

breast is best

I am a 26 yo stay at home mother of 2. My youngest is 4 months, whom I am currently breastfeeding. I am happily married. I take vitamins daily. I don not drink nor smoke nor do I do any drugs and have no diseases or illnesses. I am looking to sell my milk for $2 per oz. Buyer pays shipping. I can provide any additional information needed. breast_is.best@yahoo.com

Chelsea Hart

I am a 26 year old mother of two. I am in great healthy do not smoke or drink.I still breast feed my youngest child who is ten months. She is comng more interrested in table food daily and I am procucing more than enough milk. If your baby needs some healthy breast milk. contact me at chelssluvsu@yahoo.com

Melissa Snyder

27 year old mother of a healthy newborn girl with milk to spare. Will be nursing her until she wants to stop. May be willing to sell pictures, but will not nurse (my husband would not be ok with that). Email me at melissasmilk@gmail.com and we can discuss price, etc.


I am a healthy mother of two. My daughter is 22 months and my son is 2 months and already 16 pounds. I am producing twice as much as he needs. I am still taking prenatals and I do not smoke or drink. I would love to have my freezer back. Price negotiable. please contact me at mymommilk@yahoo.com


Looking to buy breastmilk in washington state. seattle to ellensburg area.
nitrats56@yahoo.com its to costly to ship.


I am looking for someone to buy my extra breast milk. I am 23 and I have a 2 month old son. I am currently producing 3 times the amount of milk that he can eat. I don't drink, don't smoke and I don't do drugs (I never have). I only take prenatal vitamins. I maintain a healthy diet. I have about 150 ounces, maybe more, already frozen. I can sell frozen or fresh. I am doing this, not only because I have it, but because I would like to continue to stay at home with my kids. Please contact me if you are interested in buying breast milk, and we can discuss price and shipping. mommymilk71509@yahoo.com


I have a 14 month old baby, who is still breastfeeding. He Just started eating solid food so he is not drinking as much, but I am still producing milk as if he were newborn. I have plenty! I do not smoke or use tobacco or drugs prescription or not and do not drink. rachaelgraye@yahoo.com

Jill Anderson

I'm a mother of a 6 week old baby girl. She eats well but I produce a lot of milk and we're running out of freezer space. I'm a healthy, active 22 year old, I don't drink, smoke, or take any meds other than my prenatal vitamins and a vitamin D supplement. I'm looking to sell my frozen milk, if you are interested please contact me at mom_and_student_22@yahoo.com. Please include how much milk you're interested in and a monetary offer.


I am a mother of a 3 month old baby, who is breastfeeding and I have extra milk. I'm a very healthy eater. I take prenatal vitamins and do not drink, smoke, or take any prescription drugs. I live in Utah. I can sell it frozen or fresh. Price is negotiable.

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