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April 10, 2006



hello, my name is rebecca and have a lot of milk to sell. I don't want the milk to go to waste, so please e-mail me and we can work something out. I am a 27 year old mother of three and have breastfed all of my children. I have also sold my milk before so I know how to ship it if need be. I have two college degrees, no drugs, no alcohol, no diseases and I take prenatal vitamins as well as a DHA supplement every day. Please contact me at Becca160523@aol.com


Rebecca again, I forgot to add that I do not smoke either.

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UPDATE: I now have a clips site where you can purchase short clips of me pumping, squirting, or self nursing. http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34391/

A little about me, I am a 23 year old first time mom of a 1 year old. I am drug and smoke free. I do have the ocassional glass of wine with dinner. I have no diseases and take only prenatals but sometimes forget to take it. I produce about 30-40 ounces a day and freeze almost all of it because my son is weaned to almost all whole milk. He only gets 5 ounces of breastmilk a day. I plan to pump for the next year or so. I ask $2 an ounce for frozen and $3 for fresh. Buyer pays all shipping costs. I can calculate the exact cost if you give me a zip code. I also sell pictures of me pumping/squirting. And videos of me pumping/squirting. e-mail me at mommysmilk@hotmail.com for more info. I live in MN


hello i am a healthy mother of 3 beautiful girls and due 2 a loss of a job i need to help provide for my family.. I do not use drugs, I do not smoke and I am willing to go threw a screening if u need me 2.. I promise my breast milk is healthy as need be. I still take prenatal vitamins and I am way over my limit on breast milk I have a 3 month old daughter that is very healthy and isn't drinking as much as i am producing. I have half a freezer full of breast milk and am adding more each day. All my milk is labeled with the dates it was pumped and is only stored in the top of the line breast milk freezer bags.. please contact me at midnight1o1@aol.com I live in jackson TN. I will answer any questions u have thanks so much I look forward 2 hearing from u.


please i want to buy a breast
milk for my baby boy , please
send me email at


healthy 25 year old with plenty of breast milk I do not drink I do not smoke and have a healthy son who thrives from my milk if you are interested fell free to contact me at mommymademilk@yahoo.com

beth ann h

Hi. I'm a first-time mom (of 11-week old baby boy) with extra milk supply. My son breast-feeds exclusively, he's in the 90th percentile in weight, and his pediatrician commented that I must be producing good milk. :) I'm a healthy married professional, and I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. This is what I feed my son, so I take care in what I eat and drink (limit gas-producing foods and caffeine).
Located in Philadelphia suburbs.
$2 per ounce (somewhat negotiable depending on quantity).
This is for breast milk only! To help other moms who are having problems nursing, and want to give their baby the nutrition and benefits of breastmilk. No nursing or pictures or videos, so please don't ask.
Serious buyers please email at beth_ann@verizon.net

Joseph Logan

Hi. 27 year old guy near Seattle, WA looking for discreet nursing sessions with a lactating woman. I am very easygoing and respectful, and am looking to do this to have an enjoyable experience for both of us. Your comfort would be my number one priority.

While I am hoping to have a very open, friendly experience, I am also more than willing to amply compensate you financially.

Looking for someone who wants to try this for the first time, or someone who has done it before but is looking for a great experience.

Let me know if you are interested or would simply like to discuss details. Would have no problem sharing a picture of myself or chatting.

Would also be interested in purchasing milk, but really looking to nurse.




Healthy 24 yr old mum to a 6week old baby girl, looking to sell excess breast milk. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker with no health problems. Please contact me on toffeesandcream@googlemail.com
uk only!



Hi.. I'm a breastfeeding mother producing too much milk. I have a VERY healthy 20 pound 5 month old and already donate to another baby who is now thriving solely on my milk. I have extra if anyone is interested.

Please email:

Melissa Snyder

I'm a 28 year-old mommy, and I'm now weaning my daughter. I'd like to sell a few pictures of myself (mainly just pumping, squirting a little milk, or reasonable requests - nothing kinky). I still have a little milk, and I've had requests to nurse, etc. in the past, but unfortunately my husband would not want me to, so I'm not looking to do that. If interested, email me at melissasmilk@gmail.com and we can discuss price, etc.




I am a married mother of three. I am currently breastfeeding my youngest. I am making more milk than baby needs, so I would like to sell the extra breast milk. Willing to sell to other women for their babies or to men/women for their health or desire.

I am healthy, disease-free, non-smoker, no drugs, and the only medication I take is prenatal vitamins. I am willing to get screening at buyers expense.

Shipping at buyers expense.
$2 per oz
E-mail is dlm1978@aol.com

I have been told my milk is the sweetest around!
I have several references available and they are happy to give you information on me, my shipping, and my milk.
***All of my milk is typically from within the past two weeks since I have several repeat customers. So you will get quality milk, not freezer burnt like some women try to sell!

Too Much Milk

Healthy 28 year old has plenty of breast milk. Non-Smoker,Non-Drinker. Please contact me at toomuchmilk2010@hotmail.com if you are intersted in purchasing breast milk. $1.75 oz- buyer pays all shipping costs.

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Healthy, attractive 28 year old who has plenty breast milk. I do not Smoke nor Drink. I have a great deal amount of milk I am looking to sell. $2 an ounce plus all shipping costs. Please contact me at milfwithmilk@Aol.com.


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Posted apr-13
12:02 PM I want to buy some breast milk how do I get threw to them and let them know I would like to have some

Hannah W.

I am selling breastmilk. I have an abundance of milk (nursing my 2month old). Looking to make some extra money some how. I am a non smoker and I have only had one drink in the past month.
I'm in the Hampton Roads, VA area
Contact me if interested.


I would love to find a lactating mother in East tennessee to buy breast milk form for health reasons. Also interested in finfind a wetnurse if possible. I will buy all the extra milk you can supply or if wet nursing I will buy every drop you allow me to suckle out.


I am a healthy 19 year new mom. I am a non-smoker and a non-drinker. I have plenty of breast milk to sell. email me at alyssaklamer@yahoo.com


im looking for fresh breast milk i live in columbia south carolina. please contact me if you live in south carolina. devilishsteelman@aol.com thanks


I would like to buy breast milk in washington state.

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hello,h r u?,i want fresh milk.have u any milk for sale still now?
if ur answer is yes,can u pack n send to tehran-iran?
i have HIV n i think maybe it helps me. plz come n chat with me on yahoo massenger service:
plz add me
my ID: john_mccain2013@yahoo.com
thanks alot
i don't know it will be recieved here safe n immune?
if it is possible,plz tell me,it need a special pack,n so fast shippment.
i think u can ask about it.
i want in first delivery 3 litters,that seems enough for first time.
i think it is possible that u sell n send ur milk to me by a special pack.initially i will pay u for all cost of buying this pack,or other better pack that u know about it ,and cost of milk,no less than 3 litters.plz send me most freshest milk that u has produced.

thanks alot
plz see here a special pack advertizing:

meanwhile if u accept it i will pay for lactation on webcam,per minute 1 $.
my yahoomassenger id is:
plz add me
i will pay by visa electron card.

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