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April 10, 2006


J. Huntress

I have a newborn, and I produce a lot of breastmilk. This could be due to my healthy diet--I have eaten exclusively organic, GMO-free food for the past five years.
Breast milk banks pasteurize their breast milk, which significantly decreases the nutrition. I would like to find someone who has problems brestfeeding and wants milk of the highest quality for her baby.
My midwife will provide all the relevant medical records to avouch for my health. If you are interested, please contact me at organicbreastmilk@gmail.com.


Proud father of a newborn baby boy. Proud mother is producing breastmilk like crazy. So much so that we are having to freeze these amounts just so they don't go to waste. Mother is a 30 year old healthy non-smoking women with no medical issues. If this milk could go to a good home this would be fine by us. Please email if your interested and the price can be negotiated. Thank you and have a blessed day..


Healthy 28 y/o Mother of 3 Non Smoker/Drinker still taking Prenatals. Currently nursing 6 month son ( WHAT A WHOPPER!!). We have extra milk available. The milk for sale is less than 7 days old and shipped overnight frozen. We live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Also will provide a complete list of all food I ate within the timeframe of milk expressed. Price can be negotiated for long term supply. Please contact me at www.gotmilkmom4me@yahoo.com


I would like to know the price of breastmilk per ounce for insurance purposes. Some careless guy totaled our car and I'm told I have to assign a dollar value to the ounces I lost.


Very healthy 23 year old that is happily married and a proud first time mom. I had a baby-girl in April 2006 and I have been overproducing milk. I am a non smoker and non drinker of alcohol, soda and coffee. I have pretty healthy diet (I am a lucky one - a wife of a chef). I have a lot of extra milk frozen with the dates and times of expression. If you are interested please contact me at desigotmilk@yahoo.com


Hi im a very healthy (non smoker, non acholic) 17 year old mother who is producing too much breastmilk for my now 4 month old baby girl. Im very healthy and so is my baby girl because of the breast milk i feed her she already weighs 16 pounds at age 4 months. If you are interested in getting some of my breast milk please send me an e-mail and we can work something out
thanks laura


I am a 24 year old producing so much milk I can not store not to mention prefer not to since It can be used by someone that would really appreciate it. reach me at rgdago03@yahoo.com


I am 31 year old monther who is nursing the second baby right now. My second child is 2 months old now. When he was born, his weight was 9 pounds 10 oz. Last week, he just turned to 2 moonths old. His wight is 15 pounds 12oz now. Since he was born, I tried to save sone breast milk, just in case. So far so good, he still didn't eat any forzen one yet. I am non Smoker and Drinker, still taking Prenatals. I live in FL, would like to give away my breast milk to the babies who need it. If your baby needs it, please e-mail me.

Rhonda Feasel

My husband and I have a beutiful healthy baby girl who nurses well and we still have breast milk available. I don't smoke or drink and I watch what I eat closely.
I have taken my prenatal vitamins every day since pregnancy. I would love to talk to anyone interested in my breast milk.I have some frozen. I am from Pueblo West, CO. Please e-mail me at richrhonda7@netzero.net.




I am healthy, no medical issues, non smoker/driker/caffine, professional nurse with a 4 month old boy who is not driking at the rate I'm producing. I have a helthy diet and take vitamins daily. Have frozen breast milk for sale if you're interested. I live in San Franciso, CA bay area. Breast milk can be shipped or picked up. email Susan at wanger008@hotmail.com


Healthy 28 year old has plenty breast milk Non-Smoker,Non-Drinker Has 140 oz's of milk now I do not want to waste it. Please contact me at Pylate3@Aol.com.

Emily Apyan

23 year old healthy, mother with 8 month old son, willing to part with some breast milk in order to help out another mama. I can get my medical informtion so that you feel more confortable. I do not drink, smoke, or use any drugs (except prog. birth control pills). I take a prenatal vitamin daily. Live in the metro DC area, a local person would be most ideal for me. Contact me at EmilyRose3@aol.com.

Questyn's mom

27 year old single and struggling mother of 8 month old boy running out of room to store excess breast milk but hates to waste. Willing to sell to mothers in need. I don't smoke, don't drink, and don't do drugs. I have no diseases. I am still taking prenatal vitamins (NatalCare Plus). I am willing to send video of my son and I along with list of all of the foods I eat and a copy of records from most recent doctor's checkup. I want parents to be comfortable buying breast milk from me. I live in Columbus, GA. Please contact me at Amyn49510@aol.com.


I'm a healthy 25 year old that is a proud first time mom. My baby-girl is a healthy four month old. I'm overproducing milk and have a very healthy diet. I am a non smoker and non drinker. I don't like soda and drink lots of water. I'm still taking prenatal pills daily. I have a lot of milk frozen with the dates of expression. If you are interested please contact me at ACIDKISS2@HOTMAIL.COM


Healthy 28 year old has plenty breast milk Non-Smoker,Non-Drinker Has 200 oz's of milk now I do not want to waste it. Please contact me at Pylate3@Aol.com.


Please help! If you are a mom with extra Breast milk? Please donate or sell the extra milk you pump to me. My baby needs your breast milk! Every
day i keep thinking,...Today will be the day a nursing mom will e-mail me. The day i will work
something out,...so that i can give my baby
breast milk. Please,..if you are nursing and have extra breast milk. E-mail me!

B M Love

If you are in good health and want extra cash.
I'm interested in buying breast milk from you.
Put the pump to these(o)(o)and let them make
money for you. If we can come to a agreement.
I will buy from you as long as you want to pump.
Six months, a year,...or more. Let your breasts
make Christmas money for you.


I just delivered my 2nd child and am producing extra breast milk. I am still taking pre-natal vitamins and am a non smoker, non drinker, and have a healthy diet. My husband lost his job and we need extra money. If you would like to buy my breast milk please contact me at ilovesun32@aol.com.


I am a healthy mom to a four month old baby. I exclusivly pump and I have a lot of frozen breast milk. I am looking to sell some, due to I cannot use all of it. I do not drink, take drugs, or smoke - I am married suburban housewife.


i have 3 months baby , iam producing more milk , iam a healthy mom, iam non drinker and non smoker. i have good health of family history. i have a lot of frozen breast milk.iam lokking to sell some, if you would like to buy my breast milk plz contact me at.. richaggp@yahoo.com


I am healthy mom with healthy baby and lots of breast milk that I constantly pump. I have frozen breast milk and fresh. I will sell for any price. It is better if it will give your baby good health, than get wasted.

Vivian Adams

I am a healthy 27 year old mom with a three month old, and would be interested in selling my breast milk. I am producing more than enough, and would be willing to provide a list of foods
ate during the time milk was expressed. If anyone is interested, I would be willing to provide medical history as well. I am a non smoker, non drinker and also have a healthy diet


I am a healthy mother of two. My son is 12 weeks and I am producing double the amount of breastmilk he needs. I eat healthy and do not smoke or drink. I am in the healthcare profession and know that I do not have any communicable diseases. Willing to negotiate a low price. If interested please email me at cbear22_2000@yahoo.com.


Healthy 28 year old has plenty breast milk Non-Smoker,Non-Drinker Has 200 oz's of milk now I do not want to waste it. Please contact me at Pylate3@Aol.com.

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