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December 11, 2005


Brian Dear

Peter, actually I am not attempting to coin a new phrase. Ask anyone at work: I've been calling this particular idea "user-generated advertisers" for over a year. It's just what I call it; I don't particularly care if nobody else likes or uses the term. I was amused when BusinessWeek picked it up.

Now, as for the idea itself, I think there's a lot of potential there. Adsense is self-serve for both stakeholders, the advertiser and the publisher. But the user isn't a stakeholder. I want the user of any given local community to be a stakeholder, a participant in the money flow. If a user can sign up local advertisers to advertise on some web service, they ought to get a commission. Why stop at just content with users? Why not have them find advertisers too?

Peter Caputa

Hey Brian. Interesting. Now I get it.

Interesting idea. It'd certainly be nice to have your users generate leads for you. And if they could close the sale, that'd be even cooler.

In general terms, it isn't a lot different than affiliate advertising.

But, if applied to events and sponsorship sales, it would definitely shake-up the event business.

Chris Heuer

Brian's take makes good practical business sense and I now understand his perspective better as well. I was really thinking of it terms of the participants, as a group interested in similar ideas, attracting sponsors by their nature. Especially in that I did not have to sell anyone on the BrainJams event, they all came to me really.

I posted some additional thoughts back on my post in response to your comment and Jay's.























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