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November 03, 2005


Greg Gershman

I was so sad to see I couldn't order prints of someone else's photos on Flickr. On the one hand it would be a great way to make some income off your photos, on the other, I could see it changing the way people use Flickr...but still, I think it would be cool.

Now, what would the market be for something like that invloving a large collection of blog content...I've been trying to figure that one out.

Peter Caputa

I imagine you have. I think it could be pretty big, actually.

Gideon Marken

Well hey, that was a nice surprise as I was clicking though FeedDeamon this morning :)

Thanks for the mention, and the support.

I hope this move towards sharing revenue streams with customers proves to be a healthly trend. It's so difficult in our current times to fully let go of our traditional ways of doing business and marketing, but that's what it's about now. You need to be able to reverse your perspective and consider a larger spectrum. Then again, it's all very simple, focus on the customer, and empower them.

>>>Commerce should occurr because all of the people in the chain benefit.

Yes, and this isn't what traditional corporate America has been about. The good thing about this, is that it allows the small fish to move fast and out-innovate and out-launch the old fish. Then again, old fish buy new fish all the time. :)

>>>I was so sad to see I couldn't order prints of someone else's photos on Flickr.

I just browsed by http://www.zazzle.com/ - which may be close to what you are wanting to do. They just need to open the focus on the content more. The site is similar to http://www.CafePress.com/ - but Zazzle has a much better interface and more shirt options.

So much going on! There is definately more energy around the Web these days - it's so refreshing.


Great post, and thanks for the link to Gideon's post as well. Nicely played!


Re: Greg's comment: "I was so sad to see I couldn't order prints of someone else's photos on Flickr."

That's not true. The person who owns the photos determines who can print his/her photos (you only, you+your family, you+your friends, you+your family+your friends, you+any of your contacts, anyone on flickr.)

You configure this stuff here:


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