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September 12, 2005


Dan Marques

What about my blog?

Dossy Shiobara

My blog doesn't speak to any of my entrepreneurial endeavours (because they're mostly in stealth-mode still) but I'd like to be on the list.

Greg Gershman

A short list, that is definetly incomplete, would include Greg Linden, Greg Yardley, Joe Reger and some others that are fairly obvious.

Maybe we can make a Blogdigger Group of these as well; comes with RSS and OPML output.

Peter Caputa

Greg, I'll start it on blogdigger since that is live functionality. Pubsub can grab the list from there. -Pete

Who are these people?...

"some others that are fairly obvious"

Dossy, Let's have a chat.

Ken Dyck

These are the entrepreneurs that I subscribe to (some more deserving than others, some further beneath the radar than others):

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