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September 10, 2005


Bob Wyman

Thanks! I guess you got the point of that one... :-)

Peter Caputa

I love it, Bob. Everyone in the blog search business is now trying to analyze blog content and rate, rank and categorize it. Technorati's method seems to simply to let people self-contribute their own blogs. That's like asking people to grade their own papers.

Your method allows people to be the editors of their own lists and then add some intelligent analysis re: the popularity of those blogs. I think that is a lot smarter way of doing it.

Even smarter is what Anjo Anjewierdien is doing:
Letting computers extract keywords.

So, when do I get to create my own lists? When does the rest of the world get to do it. I'd really like to be able to browse other people's lists beyond fashion.

Bob Wyman

Peter, if you want to create your own list, just give it a title and send me the list. As long as it isn't something that "we wouldn't want to have on our site", then you can have "Peter's 100" sorted, ranked, and published on a daily basis. You know my email address...

bob wyman

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