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September 21, 2005


Gideon Marken

Yes Peter, I know it well. :)

My name is Gideon Marken, I'm the Founder and site admin of ArtistServer.com - Anything you'd like to talk about or ask? I'm working on some cool things that you might be interested in: [ http://www.artistserver.com/mss.cfm ]. I'm just about to re-launch my site, so you'll find it's a bit slow right now.

Ianiv [at blogaholics.com] was kind enough to post that announcement about ArtistServer and the donation drive I'm running for the site. So far the drive isn't doing so well - although I'm not 'pushing' it on anyone.

This is how I found your blog - through the link in your post pointing to his. :)

You should join the site - you don't need to be an artist, there's also a standard 'member' account - and yes, it's free. Most of the music is electronic, but I'm sure that will change as soon as word gets out about the site.

I added you to my feed reader - thanks for the time and effort.


- Gideon

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