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August 31, 2005


Dossy Shiobara

Mark Pincus (formerly Tribe.net)

Formerly? When did Mark leave Tribe.net? Boy, I missed that announcement ...

Peter Caputa

Right after Britney Spears stopped blogging at pc4media.

You r so out of the loop, Dossy. Get a clue. :)

Actually. Mark wasn't the only one to leave Tribe.net. There was a mass exodus of tribe talent with the new management. From what I've heard, they are abandoning the web 2.0 DLA magic they (ie Marc Canter) were bringing and are going after the friendster/yahoo style HOLLYWOOD/MEDIA magic business model.

If the rumours are true, Tribe'll continue to be as irrelevant [outside of CA] as they were with Pincus at the helm. It's quite unfortunate, because I think they have some serious goodness to work from.

Allen Searls

Dick Hardt of the Identity 2.0 company Sxip is another founder's blog (Blame Canada) worth a mention.

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