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August 12, 2005


Steve Naidamast

I have set up my business site with PayPal. I am a senior developer with over 31 years in the business and I have to admit that PayPal support for developers is abysml. Most of their toolkits are old and the new ASP.NET server controls are not keeping pace with the changes that PayPal technicians are making let alone the bugs already inherent in them.

Now it seems the outfit has crashed a number of busines sites with some kind of change they made this past August. I had my site working with them after a lot of hard work and now it only works at a minimal level which is unacceptable for my needs.

My advice, try another merchant, like "2CheckOut" (2CO). They seem to have similar rates and even support international accounts on the back-end. I am already looking at changing over to them.

PayPal at this rate will be out of business in 6 months. Good riddence to bad rubbish!!!

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