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August 25, 2005



My only quibble is that microformats require crawlers to wander around and collect the microformatted data - which favors entities with large capacity crawlers. Unless, of course, your service works with a pinger and gets easy-to-use pinging tools out there - but then you've got adoption issues to overcome.

Peter Caputa


I guess a big link in the chain are APIs to the crawled and indexed data.


Maybe crawling the web will be like opening a connection to a database, in the future. To continue with the database analogy.

Lots of different ways to skin a cat when data is distributed.



Thanks for the kind words! You're right, microformats are changing things quite quickly.

For reference here is the original microformats.org posting of the blog post you referenced.




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Jason Mig

What's with all the LiveJasmin posts on the internet lately? Getting kind of annoying, but hey, good thing you guys use nofollow.

Jason Mig

Was LiveJasmin even around in 2005? Damn this post is old.


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I always liked that actor. Watched him with love.

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