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August 12, 2005


Greg Yardley

Peter - there's actually a way to 'add a blog' to Findory. It then ends up getting manually reviewed by someone over there (for what? blogginess?) and then you will end up with Findory-indexed goodness.

Thought about adding yours when I added mine but then said 'eh, why take away Peter's fun?' :)

Peter Caputa

Thanks Greg. I just went and had my fun for today. I have to wait two weeks, though! What's with that?

Alex Edelman

Hi Peter and Greg. Thanks for checking out our new feed reader! I thought I might chime in with some background on why Greg and I personally review blog submissions. Put simply: spam and porn. The vast majority of blog submissions we receive are spam, which would make for a rather unpleasant experience if they were automatically incorporated into our system. And porn, by policy, don't make the cut. As they say, garbage in equals garbage out, so we think these decisions help improve the quality of the personalization. Usually we are able to process submissions in a couple of days, not weeks; we like to underpromise and overdeliver. Thanks again and we're psyched for more feedback!

Greg Linden

Hey, Peter. Sorry that pc4media was missing. We just added it. The pc4media page at Findory is now at


Unfortunately, we don't have OPML import set up yet. We're working on it and hope to have it out in a few weeks. For now, you have to manually add each feed by clicking on a source name (e.g. "BBC") and then clicking the "Add Favorite" button. It's pretty quick, just a few clicks and you should be all set up with several good feeds.

On Rojo, my understanding is that Rojo is more of a social networking tool. So, to use Rojo, you list your friends on Rojo, then share interesting articles and feeds between each other. The personalization at Findory works in a similar way, but Findory finds likeminded people for you and shares their interests automatically and anonymously.

In general, personalization is like social software where the network is built quietly for you and all the sharing happens implicitly. I think it has most of the same benefits, but is much less effort for users.

Thanks, Peter.

peter caputa

Gentleman, You ROCK!

I am a big fan of findory. Once that OPML import tool is done, I am making the switcheroooooo.

I have outgrown non-personalized rss feed consumption. It is time to find a more sophisticated solution. Rojo and Findory, Here I come.

I read Mr. Linden's blog. I expect to see a big announcement when it is up. Hell, I'll throw a party for it. We'll call it mass rss migration day!

Greg Linden

Hi, Peter. We just launched OPML import for Findory! Details at


I'd enjoy hearing what you think of it.


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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.


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