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July 26, 2005


Andrew Teman

Funny you posted this, I was just thinking last night how these would be great to see again. I was reading in the newest Wired (great issue BTW), about Idealab and how it burned through something like $800 million, but also spawned 30 some odd companies. Really amazing stuff and an interesting model...a business who only exists to create other businesses.

Bob Gallagher

you are right on Peter! How many times have you fleshed out an executive summary covering all the bases only lacking the capital investment needed to launch the next big thing!
Then present a polishedm fine tuned PP only to hear ignorant rantings about unrelated or sketchy subject matter!
So I am on board with a Laptop filled with PP's, spreadsheets and a brain fountain spouting mountains of unrecognized ideation!
How do you want to proceed?
I'm feeling the revolution brewing!
Bob G

Peter Caputa

Hey Bob! Glad to see you commenting! Thanks for coming out!

I think the first step is to get you selling WhizSpark to your Boston clients and to get your sites up on wordpress and phpadsnew!

Then, we'll both be rolling in it and can seed some of the cool stuff happening out there. And bring more of it to Boston and beyond.

Next steps: Monthly geek meetings? Events where entrepreneurs/engineers pitch early stage ideas to seed people? An MTV real world style house full of college interns where we charge admission and gather computer scientists, strippers and kegs? Fundraisers for business ideas? How about we start packing all the nightclubs and Boston, put all of the traditional promoters out of business and put the cover charges towards some new ideas.

Don't have the answer. I am all ears, though.

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