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July 13, 2005


Comic Strip Blogger

How do you think: having their name in URL of your post is helping or not too much?

William Stewart

I'm trying to target search engines with my blog, but the results are sporadic at best. How do you do it?


You're joking, right? I was going to write a serious response to your wacky "retribution" idea but I'm hopeful that you're just joking and my sarcasm rader just needs some tuning.

Peter Caputa

I'll have another post up about this soon. I have decided to not do this. Thanks to everyone who has questioned my sanity.

Andrew Teman

I however, think this is perfectly reasonable. Not only will I bury this person who screwed us over as best I can online...I will do so in a fair and balanced way and even allow him space to respond. Once I get out from under the horrible mess that he has created, I will post a whole dirty explanation of what and why. It is not a random, 6th grade flaming...this person's blatant disregard for other people, and horrible negligence cost a lot of people a lot of time, pain, and some money.

What goes around comes around.

Chris Abraham

The problem with power is oftentimes brandishing it is more useful than spending it.

Andrew Teman

I think of it more as information so that others know what to look out for. This guy is a bad businessman, and so far, seems to be an individual of questionable integrity. It is less about flaming someone, and more about warning others to watch out for this person and their business practices.


Maybe you should publish a article ( if you did not do that already ) to explain the situation to your customers and warn them. And malso you could send this to anti-spam authorities so they can nail the company who is trying to put you down

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