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June 30, 2005


Randy Charles Morin

Great idea! I'm investigating. Anybody know where I get hook into the data? I'll post as many links as I find right here in your blog comments. If you don't object.

Randy Charles Morin

Found something.


Randy Charles Morin

I put samples on my blog.


Peter Caputa

Joe Bartling

Good idea. We used to run PSAs for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in available slots in 1999 on my Internet ad network.

Nowadays, you can get an RSS feed for missing kids in your state by visiting the NCMEC here.

Thanks, Pete, for bringing this to our attention.

peter caputa

Randy, I've monitored that scrolling thing a bit and it doesn't seem to have much data. Also, it isn't very adaptable to most blog templates. Also, there are no images of the children, which I think is important. I guess that what I am saying is that the kids that are (or used to be) on milk cartons. They should put an ad like that on blogs.

Joe's link to the RSS feeds could be used to do this. The RSS feeds could simply be parsed and fed into phpadsnew or something equivalent. And then javascript snippets could be provided to people to place on their blogs.

The RSS feeds unfortunately don't have an image of the child. Just a description. Making it a bit less effective.

Blogads should do this on their remnant inventory, which they seem to have a lot of.


I am the webmaster for Project Safekids. We offer Up to date Amber Alerts, Registered Sex Offender listings and more information on our site. We also have this available in .RSS/.XML

Our site is www.projectsafekids.org


You can visit my site. We all have the same goal in mind.


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