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May 31, 2005


Gregory Narain

The funny thing Pete is that you were the one that pointed me to him some time ago.

I was at his blog again today and remembered seeing it before. Searched for myself to see this:


small blogosphere after all.

Joe Bartling

I'd seen Auren's "name" lots of times from being a LinkedIn Oldtimer . I quickly searched my computer using X1 and found that I had sent him an invitation to join me on LinkedIn back in May of 2004.

At the time, I found his profile interesting as we both had initiatives to help youth reach their potential, and we shared some mutual acquaintances, so I reached out to him for a direct connection.

Auren politely responded to me via email, saying, "Joe – I’m sorry, I cannot remember how we know one another." I admire him for taking the time to respond without blatantly declining my invitation, or just ignoring it, as some do. Unfortunately for me, I didn't continue the email dialogue at the time, but will do so again soon. We are only two connections apart from each other and share a number of very interesting mutual connections, so not being "directly" connected on LinkedIn isn't really a big issue. And I do have his email address!

On the other hand, perhaps he should know me! I could open up some doors in Washington, DC for him and I'd be happy to do it. And my introductions are usually over a Venti Drip and don't come with an invoice, though I do think that is totally cool!

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