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May 14, 2005


Allen Searls

Agreed. And what you're saying with regard to getting the word out about an event applies accross the board-- why post a poll to a small walled-garden message board, when you can poll the universe by posting it on your syndicated blog. Why post a classified for X dollars at X service when you can post it to your blog and syndicate it to the world instantly for free. Conversely, why go to the various (given these two examples) classified sites and message board sites to find classified or polls (fill in the blank) when you can go to one blog engine. So structured blogging may be the gateway to the open, free user-generated-content web searched all at once and almost instantly by the blog engine of your choice :) Thanks for getting me thinking about this again, Pete!


Hi Peter,

You're absolutely right that more and more people will be posting events to their blogs. In fact, many people already are posting events to their blogs, we just need a way to markup/capture/distill those events in a standard way so various search engines can find them.

The thing is, there already is a well understood and established standard for events, and that's iCalendar RFC2445. Unfortunately iCalendar doesn't lend itself easily to embedding in (X)HTML blogs or RSS/Atom feeds etc.

Hence rather than re-inventing yet another calendaring/events format, we took the microformats approach and produced hCalendar, which is a 1:1 representation of iCalendar in structured XHTML.


The beauty of building on an existing standard like iCalendar is that it is trivial to build tools that interoperate with existing implementations, e.g. an XSLT that parses hCalendar and produces an iCalendar stream so that you can easily subscribe to the events on any blog right inside the MacOSX iCal application (or any numerous other iCalendar supporting calendaring applications).


Take a look at hCalendar and let me know what you think!



peter caputa

Thanks for the thorough response. If I had to choose between parsing xml and xhtml, I'd choose xml. I started a series of posts on "Why openevents is an uphill battle". I'd appreciate if you could address some of those issues. I think what we need is a project that brings together a blog/cms publishing platform provider, a search provider and some event APIs (upcoming, evdb, WhizSpark) and just get something done, letting the market figure out the best approach.


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