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May 26, 2005




"So what did this guy do to deserve all of this attention?"

Marketed himself?

seth godin

Remember Google? that was my idea. And blogging? I started that but didn't take any credit for it. And that whole thing with the Macarena... who do you think thought that up?

I have no defense for your charges of megalomania. I'm not doing it on purpose, of course, but sometimes it looks that way.

As for selling books, I often give them away (electronically). Hard as it may be to believe, my goal is to spread my ideas (I plead guilty to working hard to sell my ideas) and if people want it in book form, that's fine but not the point.

Last summer we launched changethis.com. I think that demonstrates the marketing chops of the team that did all the work (which, I have taken great pains to point out, didn't include me). Again, it's about spreading the ideas (the site was free, there was no revenue, etc.)

I'm confident I haven't changed your mind, but I couldn't resist chiming in. The best thing about my blog is that you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

peter caputa

Good response, Mr. Godin. You deserve credit for what you've done. You can't be blamed with everyone's obsession to follow the leader and kiss the ass of the upper long tail.

You just happened to be the best example of it. I wrote most of this in jest and hoped that you would get my "off" sense of humor.

The challenge was for real, though. I challenge you to step back inside of a small company, someone else's company and show them how to market what they've got.

Instead of implementing another one of your ideas, step back into the shoes of an entrepreneur just getting started out. You're marketing ideas are great. But, the average entrepreneur is struggling with so much more...to pay the bills, manage personnel, develop products, selling and marketing.

So, I challenge you to roll up your sleeves inside of a startup and show that you still got it.

You have to believe that your fame and good fortune isn't just because of your ideas. It is because you parlayed your good ideas into fame and the fame now makes your ideas good. And you have to admit that they weren't simply born inside your head. That some of them were a bit borrowed.

A little of the attention you've got blessed on some entrepreneurs that are struggling for one millionth of the attention you get... might go a long way for some of us.

And as far as I am concerned, ideas are a dime a dozen. You just have the pedestal to get them out there. The rest of us have to say it 500 times before it is heard once.

Success breeds success. You can't tell me you aren't riding a few from the past into the sunset?

So, what about that challenge?

See how you so easily ignored my idea?


"And as far as I am concerned, ideas are a dime a dozen."

Yes. But to date, of course were talking A.D., there have only been 27 GOOD ideas.
I'm sure there has been at least one time in the last 45 years that Mr. Godin struggled for an audience. He ows nothing.
This is the ASCII shark which you just helped blogging jump over. Thanks jerk.

_________ . .
(.. \_ , |\ /|
\ o \ /| \ \/ /
\______ \/ | \ /
vvvv\ \ | / |
\ ^^^^ == \_/ |
`\_ === \. |
/ /\_ \ / |
|/ \_ \| /


Dude, your stupid blog messed uo my shark.
Whats up with that?


Sounds to me like some serious Seth Godin envy at work here LOL

peter caputa

good call.





































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