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April 11, 2005


Eric Anderson

"Are there other events happening around the same time in the same city? Powered by upcoming.org, evdb"

I'm not sure if upcoming.org or EVDB have such a feature, but it might be fun to link/mash-up event calendars and maps to satisfy this Search function. For example, events could be plotted on Google Maps and the teardrop markers color coded according to how to how soon the event occurs. For example, the user might select that events about to occur are plotted as red markers while more distant events are green. Alternatively, colors might code for the type of event (ie music; food; business; political). The marker's size might represent its temperol characteristic--which is to say, events in the near future earn a bigger marker while events in the more distant future are smaller. (I am unsure about whether marker size is malleable in the Maps' API--warrants further investigation.)

Anyway, neat post. Thanks!

peter caputa

Eric, That's an awesome idea! Let's do it. Do you want to take it on as a project? -Pete

Eric Anderson

I would have done it myself, but my web development skills are, as they say, none. Yeah, I'm a impotent idea guy. (No disrespect, Mr. Beattie.) Hopefully someone with some actual skills will see it here and pick it up. Or maybe the Lazyweb can save the day for us.

As other interface ideas, pop up, I'll post 'em; I'll stay tuned and pitch in where I can.

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