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April 12, 2005


The Peter Files


I think I have all that. At least if I post a comment here I should be able to find this page again - unless putting in my email address results in a copy of this post and your article going to me. I looked for an email icon and did not find it but what the hey its getting late.

Nah, I'll just bookmark you.

Found you from Andrew that's ranting about McGruder and the McDonalds thing.

Looks like this is a good place for a newbie blogger me to learn a lot more about Blogging.

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Hjalmar Gislason

Good stuff Peter.

Isn't this largely the same as we discussed way back here: http://worcester.typepad.com/pc4media/2004/07/technorati_is_n.html

But allowing a blogger to start his Spurl.net collection using the links from his or her blog is a very cool idea. Maybe we should offer that as yet another format to import from...

How about a big idea: A search engine that you set the "base" or "center" for, i.e. I want to search the web for information about "event planning". I know your blog and trust you on the matter. I type in the phrase and set your blog's url as the "base" for the search, meaning that when ranking the results, it will give extra weight to sites that you link to, a little less to the pages that are 2 tiers away from you and so on. A sort of PageRank-on-the-fly thing.

There's something there...

peter caputa

That's what eurekster does. I think it could be a feature in a future search engine. The problem I see is that with different searches, I am interested in different things. Eurekster solved that issue by having search parties. But, they haven't really taken off, as of yet. You and Greg need a game changing innovation.

Importing the blog links is one step. I also think you need to do some analysis on top of those links that automatically create a blogroll of sorts: that automatically rank which bloggers I link to most and possible the frequency over time.

The more I think about it, the more the discovery and analysis that can occurr from this data is the most important. Not the ability to search it. I use most of the blog/bookmark sites for discovery of new things. Not for searching things. You need to bring the zeitgeist down to the personal level. The more analytical things I have at my fingertips, the more I can intelligently discover things.


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