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March 29, 2005



I wonder if there is a better phrase to use than "guest list" since that's also the phrase used to RSVP for an event. Maybe "Contest Sign-Up" or something snazzier sounding.

The reason I think "guest list" might not be the right phrase is because that is also the same two words used to actually sign up for other events such as tonight's Net Mixer. For the Powerman 5000 promotion, you are not guaranteed admission by adding your name to the guest list.

What about one page to link to (www.whizspark.com/powerman5000, perhaps) that compiles the current list of Powerman 5000 event sites/promotions?

Good idea about interns, too. I'm going to start working with interns for Exploit Boston! -- meeting up with a BU journalism grad student tomorrow.

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