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March 24, 2005



I love her so much I wish It was me with her insteed of Kevin.


I loved her so much.

amanda wood

hi britney im only nine, ur the best thing in my life ur my fav singer and cant wait 4 album to come out and i really want to see u but you hav a baby on the way so i cant but plz choose me plz from amanda ill never 4get u


Hi Everyone,

Imlove britney..she is so cool. I wanna meet her too. I am gonna be a popstar too wen i am older. lov u brit!!!
meetin u wood be a dream come true!!!!


i love britney spears..she is so cool and she is my idol. i wanna meet her and it wood be my dream come true. I love her...go britney!!!!

Love me xxx




lee sadler

i think britney is a inspitration to everyone she is a big ideal to me i would love to meet her she has keep me going threw all the bad times and she always will i love you britney

Tania Merida

hi Britney me and my friend Carly think you are super duper cool.we really really love your singing and we like your movie crossroads.we would like to meet you and dance with you even if i'm nine and carly's eight.we hope your baby is healthy,strong,and beautiful.we think you and kevin are the best people. love Tania and Carly

David Backster

Frist i want to thank the god for this mument that i lived it and thanks to this Website
And second if i see you what sould i do or... god help me and all the people that the loved you so much
Ummm ok i have pretty word and i have wrote it to you ofcourse and that's.....;

Sometime you might feel that you'll be happier alone
But it's always nice to have someone to laze with
Someone to think about
Someone to care about
Someone to share your joy

My darling

So take chance
You’ll never know what you will get
Until you have really tried
So if there's some body you miss
Tell them that you do
Cause there's something only love can do




i would love to meet britney spears i love her voice and she is soooooooo pretty. Ilove her new video someday i think she did an awsome job on it and her voice is soooooo pretty. And she looks soooo pretty to. By the way Congrats on ur pregnancy you are going to have a beautiful baby.
my friends have always have belived all the lies that people say about you on tv and all the magizines, and i have been a fan no matter what people say and even though my friends might not be a big fan i still am. I really wish that i could meet you. I would always Print Pictures of you off the internet and stuff and have posters and i hung them up on my wall and i had like two walls covered. I had to take it down because we moved though. When we moved we had to get a new cell phone # and when we went to get it changed somehow we brought up the subject of meeting you and i was like i would love to meet bitney spears.And the lady we were talking to said she got to meet u and i was like oh my gosh i would die to meet her i was in tears i was like i want to be u soooooooooo bad.I really wish i could meet you though.Again i love ur video Someday and congrats on on ur pregnancy i hope u ur baby kevin and the rest of ur family has a long heathy life.


O my gosh i amlmost forgot i hope that u guys are safe and ur home is ok from Hurricane Katrina all that we got was some wind and some storms i feel so sorry for People in New Orleans
Our football game and performance was cancelled because thats who we were playing against and i hope u and people in New Orleans are Ok.


hey i wonder if i can still use that e-mail she put on there on that one other one?


Hey Brittney i am your bigest fan!!!Please pick me i will do enything and if you need eny help my number is 451-7324.bye


Hey britney its me again, congrats on having ur baby boy i hope u guys are happy. I'm sure he's cute although i havnt seen any pics but all babies are cute. Bye

David Backster

Amazing : Britney Spears ,
i hope you read my letter and make sience with you.
i would love to be my Penfriend this's my wish i can't meet you i don't think my luck will help me out so i will choies the small thing that was penfriend and if the luck and the god help me to see your own Beautiful kindness face i will be grateful.
god knows about how i feel about you and god bless lousiana (new orleans).
Thank you ...............

Jodi Wright

hi my name is jodi and I love britney spears voice i can sing and I want to be some kind of singer one day and I want some advice on how to get there. plus my best friend is takin me 2 my 1st concert to see kelly clarkson and that to me is a very very good pressent and she loves britney and I wanted her pressent to be 20x better than mine I want her to meet britney I wanted to know if that can happen I live in the uk but I know she has alot of money it wud cost her peanuts to fly here PLEASE PLEASE help me make her happy and me.

Anakin skywalker

waz up.


I love Britney Spears she is so pretty! I wish I could meet her!! She will always be my idol forever!! Love ya so much!!

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