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March 10, 2005



Everyone needs to experience The Paddock at least once in their lifetime. It reminds me of the bar my parents owned in Dodge, Nebraska when I was a kid: Godfather's Lounge.

Bill has a weblog percolating at http://realestatecafe.blogs.com

You forgot to mention the part about (me) calling Michael (http://www.bunkosquad.com) to help us navigate ourselves from the tow lot to Central Square/Cambridge. He is a human GPS.

I take the bus and subway (and the occassional cab) around Boston. Perhaps that became apparent early on. ;)

I'll try to write something on sooz.com soonish. Right now it's a little nutty trying to get a bunch of work done before leaving for Austin tomorrow for the SXSW Interactive Festival. Ah, warn weather.

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