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February 25, 2005



3. There's a big difference between putting some code on our sites to automatically or manually insert Technorati's tags and Google's auto-insertion stupidy.


Opt-In vs. Opt-Out vs. No way out... it's that simple.

Technorati is opt-in.
Other services are pitching opt-out, and some folks like Browster are saying screw you--there's NO WAY OUT! Gator took that same attitude, as do spammers, and other slimbuckets like spyware providers.

We don't link to technorati on every post... although I'm sure our bloggers use it every day. If we did link to them on every post it would be because it made business sense--i.e. they gave us something in return like a revenue share or marketing on their site. Now, individual bloggers might not have such a big issue linking to services because they are not running a business with expenses...

best j

peter caputa

i agree with you both. my main point: which I didn't make clear was

1) that Technorati has accomplished the same end result that these other guys are trying to do.

2) but they designed their program to provide benefits to its users instead of simply leveraging its users to make more $.

Smart. Companies should take a lesson from this.

Also, I do still want to know how technorati plans to make $.

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