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February 01, 2005


Gregory Narain


Aren't all conferences and trade shows public, invitation-only events? Especially if you consider the invitation a result of completing registration or paying a fee?

Just curious if you mean some other use case...


peter caputa

no. It is different. Anyone that can afford a conference can go if they hear about it. You don't need permission from the conference organizer to attend.

To go to a swingers club event, you have to 1) be able to afford it at $100 a couple and 2) receive an invitation from the event planner/coordinator which permits you to come.

What I am talking about is an orkut style event where you must receive an invitation before you are allowed in.


This is very timely (!) because I've decided to change my Free Agent Boston registration process. Instead of letting anyone attend I'm going to first request that interested participants fill out a short questionaire that "qualifies" them for the event and then they can pay for their registration. (If they've filled out the questionaire before they don't need to fill it out for every event.)

I've been noticing more and more that some people who attend Free Agent Boston events are not free agents or even thinking about becoming one. I'm protective of this group/project and want to make sure that the people who are supposed to be there are ... actually there. For example, the free agent dinner is not the place for sales people who have products they want to sell to free agents (I have another event in the works that wouuld be more appropriate for those people to attend).

What's the next step? (!)

peter caputa

The next step: I need to find more people that want to try this out. Say 10. Then, it'll justify writing a spec. Then, we need to develop it.

If you can help finding more use cases and guineau pigs, we'll make it a priority.


I blogged about it. Keep me posted. Thanks!

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