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January 12, 2005



That's a funny one.... the truth is making money off blogs requires getting to 20k page views a day in a topic that advertisers care about.

Getting to 20k pages a day is HARD. Trust me, we have tens of millions of page views across our network and it take us 2-9 months to get a blog to this level (some like Engadget started at this level of course, but that was a different time... that was when there were not that many blogs).

At this point if you want to make a living from blogging you're looking at spending at least six to nine months losing (or not making) money before making a modest amount.

Blogs are best when you're using them to leverage an outside revenue stream like Corante is doing with events, or Boingboing does selling tons of books, etc.

Patrick Callioni

So far with my blog I have attracted no income and quite a few expenses, but it is fun.

passive income

I think the key to making 20k per day with blogs is getting readers to bookmark and return to your sites. Perhaps you can add a "bookmark me" link in your blog

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