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September 07, 2004



I blended IEBlog with boingboing and got this feed in case anyone wants to take a peek:


Everything appears to work. However, I would like to have the book cover image made into a clickable link in addition to the text link.

Scott Allen

First of all -- great idea!

Secondly, I agree with every single one of the comments above.

A couple of additional comments:
- The book it picked for mine was TOTALLY off-topic - something about writing and editing children's books.
- I do full text in my feeds, and it converted it to excerpts. However you've decided to do your feed, it should leave it that way.

- Scott -


One other thing to add...while I didn't haven't any problems reading in the feed, I did check to see if the xml was valid and there were some problems. Go here to see the validation report:


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