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July 06, 2004


Jeremy C. Wright

Yeah, Glenn doesn't grab every CotC. He grabbed mine and I got something like 300 visitors. At the time that was huge. Glenn's awesome.

Wayne Hurlbert

Glenn also caught my Carnival hosting in his all encompassing web, and delivered over 1300 visitors to my blog. Many of them have also returned as regular guests. I certainly appreciated the Instapundit support, as I appreciated every person who took the time to link to my COTC hosting.

One of the strengths of the COTC is the introduction to many tremendous, but previously undiscovered blogs. It should be noted, that along with the regular contributors, there are many new bloggers adding their submissions to the event.

By the way, your hosting looks great!

Jay Solo

Yep, they're a great opportunity. In the several months, Glenn has only missed linking a few times. A couple of those were around Christmas when he was light on blogging and everyone had other things to do. Another example is a BlogSpot blog being down when he tries to link it. Part of the reason for that is he was the first person I ran the idea of CotC by after Rob BusinessPundit suggested it to me and we worked out details. Got the proverbial buy-in up front.

I'd be grumpy if I'd just come off a major fight with malware too. I expect people to bring a twist of their own to each edition, and that includes someone of a more liberal bent. When Oliver Willis started BoomNation, I thought it would be intriguing to see him host and see how he would orient the CotC feature on a business blog run by a liberal.


upfront collaboration and buy-in is crucial.

thanks Jay. I am glad you are open to letting people run with it. I really didn't set down to make it grumpy or slant it liberally. As I put stuff together, it just came out.

As you might have seen by the comment on the actual post below, I've managed to really piss off a handful of people.

Anyways, thanks for the opportunity. I've really enjoyed it.

Joe Kristan

Thanks very much for hosting the Carnival. I suppose I would be grumpy too, reading all that econ stuff. If my grumpy link contributed to your grouchiness, please accept my apology.


no big deal. certainly not any of the submitter's faults. they were all great submissions. i apologize to everyone for the negative slant. i usually try to keep it upbeat.


Oh, so that was an acting-out of personal drama and not actually anything to do with the subject at hand. Real mature, throwing gasoline on the fire like that (I take it that's what you mean by "adding flare"). Real charming and professional there, champ. On the plus side, it'll probably get you a bunch of readers who are just like you, though having hosted CotC (sort of) will undoubtedly hurt your leftie cred...


Thanks for the comments, Alex.

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