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July 10, 2004


Martin Little

It definitely sounds like you need to become a friend of Firefox (http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/)!

Peter Caputa

ironically, the thing that is keeping me from switching browser are the toolbars I use (google, yahoo and stumbleupon)

Justin Walters

Actually, those toolbars needn't keep you from Firefox.

- StumbleUpon has a Firefox version available.
- Firefox has a search field built into it's toolbar, which defaults to Google but can be customized to use any search engine.
- Firefox has built-in popup blocking.

These features plus the ability to put JavaScript in a toolbar bookmark link allows you to do pretty much anything that these 3rd-party toolbars can do. Oh and tabbed browsing enhances your surfing to the point of being able to say "I know Kung Fu." with more confidence than Neo, after an intense surfing session.


Help! I have a sandboxer problem and I am no where near confident enough to try what the guy did with his 'week long struggle'. I'm just an average Joe user, is there any other way I can stop this thing and these soul destroying nuisance pop-ups????

Martin Johnson

Just a detail, but the Spyaudit website/scanner lists StumbleUpon as adware to be removed. I wouldn't mind, but this is happening after I "uninstalled" the StumbleUpon toolbar.

I also found that, once I had used StumbleUpon to visit a few websites that its users had recommended, my system was choking up with other adware.


Does anyone else feel that these programs should be illegal? I think very stiff penalties should be used to the company that has the content in the pop up. They are easier to track and since they are the ones paying for the service, they should pay the price.
I have contacted my congressmen with this concern and I urge all who read this and hate spyware and pop ups to do the same. Lets his theses jerks in the part that they hold dearest, thier pocketbooks!


it isn't that simple. the person that bought the ad doesn't often know that it is being served through these means. They simply buy ads from wholesalers, and the wholesalers buy the inventory. There could actually be 4 layers of brokers involved in these sales.

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