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July 06, 2004



What I read in your economic out look is that you must live on the east coast - You believe that the growth that is happening now is all smoke and mirrors? Interesting that during the 90's everyone was on cloud nine making a ton of money, never believeing that it was indeed just a bubble that burst in the 2001, that is, in the light of reality. That's real growth!!

Real growth that is taking place now is built on production of inventory and actual sales. Demand for raw materials is so great now that lead times are out to months. That means manufacturing as well as sales and services is on the move. We are growing at better than 4%. Sustained growth!!! Unemplyment nation wide is down lower that it was during the fantastic old days of the bubble years of the 90's! Jobs are being added by the tens of thousands ever month, but you say there is no real growth!? The market is over ten thousand again and no bubble - No real growth!!! How can that be -

Your attitude of taking the power to inovate and take risks away from the individual is a return to the dark period of 90's with the bright lights in our eyes and the abis just inches from our feet!


I have no idea how you ended up hosting the "Carnival of the Capitalists" (instead of the "Carnival of the morose, anti-American Capitalist-hating Michael Moore sycophants") but I've got a pretty good idea why the French like you so much.

If this is where the bar is set, I should get a weblog and offer to host.


Honestly - if you despise capitalism and capitalists so much, why the everloving fuck are you hosting CotC?! Do you think you're going to get some sort of "message" across with this immature stunt? Do you get that much of a woodie from pointlessly antagonizing people? Why not do something constructive and, rather than hijacking CotC, start your own "carnival" network - Carnival of the Self-Deceiving Socialist Dupes or something? CotSDSD - it's catchy! No charge!

Oh, and take a fucking Econ 101 class already. Or are you too busy waiting for the government and the business world to take care of you while you relentlessly bash them? Think about this: who wants to do business with someone who so implacably hates businesspeople? Your time spent spouting nonsense would be better spent, if not doing something constructive, at least lobbying for subsidies for idiot-run e-business...


Wow. Thanks for such constructive feedback, ya'll.

For the record, you 3 have me all wrong.

I won't bother to address your actual criticism, because it is mostly ill-founded and name-calling.

You might bother to understand that most of what was submitted and what I wrote about was not my opinion... I simply laced it in a bit of sarcasm and a common theme of 'criticism'.

Maybe you are just pissed that I linked to Michael Moore. But, you'll notice that I actually didn't provide any opinions about him or his opinions, nor did I say much that was resolute other than to question capitalism. Which I think is a healthy part(questioning things) of our system of democracy and capitalism.

And anyone that has run a business, will know that there are always questionable practices and consequences to the pursuit of money. So, a bit of questioning, is in order, I believe.

Regarding the economic rebound, I don't follow macro-economic trends closely enough to really know what is going on. I hope the economy grows and remains strong. And I believe it will because of the entrepreneurial spirit that people in the US have and the lack of goverment and societal barriers to starting and even failing in business. Not because of government tax relief. Nonetheless, I am not an expert, and anyone that has read more than this post on this weblog, will know that I generally do not comment on these issues.

I am more interested in building and growing my business. Of which, I will succeed, regardless (and maybe because), of the fact that I am willing to criticize the status quo and question
the way things work.

Lastly, I think it is pretty rude that people would criticize me, personally (and 1 person did it anonymously). If anything, the criticism I delivered or merely passed-on, was meant towards a system or a behavior of a group, or a very public figure. In other words, it wasn't personal.

And really lastly, if the people that are actually involved in the COTC are offended by my post, I truly apologize. I did not intend to destroy or diminish the hard work that they have put into this. If a public apology is in order, in their opinion, I am willing to make it.

I am generally a very constructive and positive person. Although I question and like to probe deeper than the average person, I am generally very positive.

Nor was this a stunt. I simply wrote what I was thinking about - with the material I was provided.

Anyone that thinks they can do better, should step up. I am sure the COTC would welcome you. You are right, there isn't much you need to do to qualify.

And yes, I am from the East Coast. Massachusetts to be exact. Good guess.


There is nothing more stupid than for stupid white men to groan and complain about "stupid white men."
We blacks have long been amused by the tendency of some white men to try to hold themselves aloof from the rest--perhaps to escape guilt of some sort?


atleast we are getting constructive, now. thanks a lot, Conrad.

Sandy P

So, W is slipping in the polls among the capitalists?

Why do I interpret those posts as I'm supposed to accept that I and my family are to be cannon fodder so Big Business can continue to expand?

Kerry's coalition of the bribed, frankenreich, isn't going to change a darn thing.

Sandy P

And now that I actually read the WSJ thing, for that to come out of the gaping hole of NYC is disgusting.

Buffet what a surprise - not.

So how many Americans will have to die before they decide they're going to have to protect America so they can continue to promote the American brand/value? What's acceptable losses? Where's the cost/benefit analysis? And in their calculations, do they ever consider it's going to be them or their families instead of mine?


You're just in love with the sound of your own (writing) voice, aren't ya, kid? (A sampling of other posts on your blog certainly bears out that impression) Well, hope you enjoy trying to run a business in the Democrats' America...

(incidentally, it's painfully obvious that you didn't even READ many of the articles you linked to them - a good choice on balance, as the actual contents of the articles would have been much harder to shoehorn into your bitchy moonbat rubric...)

...Or is it all a cynical marketing ploy...?

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