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June 29, 2004



well....Im really sorry for do this,i really dont want to meet you this way,i really dont think this is a good way to meet a person,well,this whos a stupid aidia,i not speak inlesh very good,i speak spanish...well mi name is Francisco i am from Brazil and i have 14 years old,well im really sorry for this stupid think...good bye


My name is ulaş I'm from Turkey. yeah I want to meet with her.. can really help me to meet with her? seriously?


I REALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY want to meet mischa and get her email PLaese tell me what it is


hi! my name is dean! i watch the o.c all the time now! and i think that Mischa is a really good lookin person! i would love to meet her !!!
but wots the chance in that!
1/999999999999999999999!!!! lol!
so i will just have to jus keep watchin the o.c n dream on!!!


yes, iwant to meeeeeeeeet her


yeah i would really like to meet her, but could you please get me her email adress? thanks


I too want to meet Mischa Barton!!!!Give me her e-mail please,send it on mine =)

Jennifer Ellis

Hey Mischa Barton, mischa is really cool and beautiful, i hope i might meet you in person. maybe if i go to LA, California i might meet you.

jessica potter

mischa u r a lez lez

breanne broxton

mischa, you are the most lez lez person i have ever seen in my life, i hope you change your mind about being a lez lez, girls and women think your your hot and thats grossssss!

jessica potter

jk ur not a lez lez

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