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June 25, 2004



Hey mate I bumbped into your blog. This one is really interesting. Is it for real? cheers mate!


i would love to meet britney spears i am a big fan of her


i would love to meet britney spears i am a big fan of her


I would love to meet her!!! I am her bigest fan ever!!!!


I just love her more than anyone does in this world, i love to start a day seeing her smile and her beautifull eyes, and if i could do something to meet her and to be just near to her, i would give all i've got in this world. I love you britney, and i wish you the best.=)


I think your great but you have changed from a sweety to a rock'n'roll chik but i like you better now cos i an like that so we can like sisters. love ya loads


I love britney spears, she's my biggest idol and I feel very upset for her now that she's hurt her knee and that thing about her spots.I think she needs a break so people should just stop harrassing her with cameras and crap and they shouldnt report everything single thing on newspapers.would they like it if it happened to them?I hope she gets better....I know i'll never meet her...why would someone like her ever pick to meet ME?That's my biggest dream and I don't think it will ever come true...go britney!! dont worry you are beautiful no matter what happens, it's just a period where u are going through a bad time but im sure you will get better and carry on kicking arse like usual!!!!!i love you.....!!!!!!!!!!!


Deed britney spears.
whatup lady..my name is kate from tanzania east africa...21yrs old female babee..
but I want to tell u the trust I really like you song babee I luv u ver much I love you to much babe I cant stop fell about you couz u are number 1 dar world babe take my food mmmwa mmmwa


Gee, i'd wanna meet britney too, at least once before one of us leaves the world. No matter what people say, i'd still love her more and more each time.


I think britney spears is the best ever!! she is my idol. I have liked her scence i was in second grade i just started sixth. she is the best performer i have ever seen i want to be just like her when i grow up . i also know how much she cares about people. ithink it is soooooooo nice to know how much she cares in fith grade we hade to do a reserch report on someone or something the first person that poped into my mind was britney spears almost every night i watch the consert i recorded on tv she is the best i wish i could meet her oh ya today was my first day of school this year they had a sheet for us to fill out it said if u had one wish what would it be i said to meet britney spears and to be just like her when i grow up no matter what my friends family or magizines say she will allways be my favorite


i have loved britney 4 nearly 8 yrs now! she is the best i have seen her in concert twice and cried coz i love her so much! i wud give evrything i own 2 meet her....

jason maull

i whould love to meet britney spears to be her friend iv watched sum mtv shows with her on them and she is realy cool my number is 01642 275134 im in england so put 0044 to call my names jason


britney is the best!! ive got all her c.ds ,posters,books,movies!! ive liked her ever since she became a poopstar!! she sings really nice as well!! i would really like to meet her i would do anything!!


hi britney,
hi my name is maria and i really want to meet you and i want to ask you questions cause i want to be a big singer like you i just if you can just write back on my email at [email protected]
i will be very happy i need to ask you more questions i want you to be my manager cause since i was a little i always dream of being a singer so i will anything to be a big singer like you
if you accept i will be very happy if not then too bad it's okay i understand
so thanks and God bless you for your answer
sincerly maria
p.s.: remember you are the best and you will always be the best ok
so see you and please write even if your answer is a no
thanks again maria


I have heard much about u..well i don't wanna write much, but i really wanna meet u.


All I want is to have a polaroid picture taken with Britney, Kevin, & Jamie-Lynn each and they autograph it. I'm rich, so you'll be greatly compensated if you help me to meet them...


Hi, I don't know how you want to organize it, that someone can meet with Britney, but it would be very nice if its possible to meet her, because its my biggest dream since about 7 years when she started her carreer. I always wanted to meet her, but I did not find a way how I could do that. Now, this looks like a possibility, and I hope it will fullfill my dream. Please let me know.



Ever since I was a little girl I looked up to Britney Spears. When i was 10 I was going to her concert and i was backstage , but she cancelled it.I always have dreams of me singing with her. I always wanted to meet her , but it never worked.I hope you can fullfill my dream.I remember saving up to that backstage pass it was a long time . I was having my own need help service. When I got the money to buy the ticket. (wich i did) She broke her knee and I could not get my money back.I was so sad.

PLEASE LET ME MEET HER THIS IS MY ONLY DREAM I WISH TO HAVE.I am her only fan in the neighborhood.

tyler parks

i would love to fuck britney spears.


hi britney,
i just read the message of all other people and now i think that all those message are big shit because all those people who wrote those message are your fan.but let me tell you one thing that i am your lover.i dont need to tell how much i love you britney bcause i believe in my love and i worship my love.right now i am just 15 from and i am from india but when i will become adult i will do anything to meet you.but i will be very thankful to this site if they would help me to meet you britney and please wait for me britney cause in future i would be coming to meet you and if i wont than i will definately meet you in my next life......

Britney Jean Spears

Hey Brit how r u doing today? I was just wondering if you could come here to Slaina Kansas to meet me your number 1 biggest fan ever. You are my role model and i love that also you inspire me to sing in front of people and to do other things like i have never done before you are a great role modle Britney. Please come and meet at Slaina Kansas 67401 at 902 North 11th. My phone number is 1-785-825-6055

smelly butts



Oh my Gosh! I am like Brit's #1 fan!Please I would do anything to meet her

adrianna booker

hi, i have a friend by the name of larry.he's loved britney spears for the longest.he collects many of her things and never misses a show.even though he has the britney spears dvd and her movie crossroads, he still watches it when it comes on tv happy as ever.i love my bestfriend very much and one wish that i would like to fulfill for him is just a chance to shake mrs.spears hand.he is a very caring person and he'd do anything for britney.from being around him, i've learned alot about britney.i love you larry and i love you britney spears for doing this for him. his email address is [email protected]


I want to meet britney really badly

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