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June 16, 2004


David St Lawrence

What you blog is a matter of choice.

What your customer does when he reads all of your blogs is his choice.

If you haven't run into one-dimensional customers who expect everyone else to be one-dimensional, you are indeed fortunate.

I met a young entrepreneur who was seeking VC funding for his fledgling dotcom operation. His website was highly professional, but it was littered with links to personal pages that were full of references to time spent in jail for protesting and other activities that reflected poorly on his stability and judgement. I suggested that he was mixing his messages. His reply was much like your own. "They'll have to take me the way I am."

He never got his funding and fell off the Silicon Valley radar.

We can learn from the experiences of others or we can do it all ourselves. Life is not long enough to reinvent everything.

Peter Caputa

Good Story and Good Point. Thanks David!

I am a young entrepreneur too. You're obviously more experienced than I. I appreciate the comment and your perspective.

My reaction was definitely more off the cuff than anything else. I usually don't publish or link to anything that racy. Although, I've said some stupid things online and offline, it'd take some digging to find it.

And I hope, similar to George Bush, atleast almost half of the people out there, would forgive me of my youthful indiscretions.

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