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May 19, 2004


Scott Allen

PR stunt? Yeah, maybe. But I think what's compelling about the tour is that, contrary to Steve's change of heart comments, this is totally a win-win. So long as the comments and cross-posts remain valuable, relevant posts (which they undoubtedly will), and not just "hey, you've been invaded" messages, then everybody benefits.

Keep up the good work. Who's next? Let me know if you want suggestions.

Peter Caputa

I may have gone overboard on the comments on his blog a bit. They were all on topic, but I made sure every post was covered.

We'd love some suggestions, Scott, on who the next victim could be.

I think it'll be important that our next victim has a habit of responding to the comments in their posts. And enjoys conversing with strangers.

I am not saying that Steve doesn't. Just that he was a bit put-off by it.

Thanks for the support!

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