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May 21, 2004


Scott Allen

Blogs are a social phenomenon. The tour is a social phenomenon that simply spikes normal blog activity. I'm all for "common courtesy", but so long as the nature of the posts is valuable and relevant, not graffiti-like, the idea that one would need, or even ask, permission seems anathema to the very nature of blogs as a social phenomenon.

It's not like you're launching a DOS attack.

Peter Caputa

I agree Scott. I guess it is just the Sethaholist in me that thinks that seeking permission. is the best way. Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking that seeking permission beforehand is unnecesary too.

And if we upset someone, so be it. Our intentions are good. If people don't want to engage, then that is their loss.

Besides, a little blog controversy is a good way to get some attention.

susan mernit

Okay--now I read what I should have.
This is hysterical--and definitely fun.

Scott Allen

So what happened to the tour? I got an e-mail from you asking for suggestions, and haven't seen or heard anything since.

And where the heck is the Search on your site?!?

Peter Caputa

Scott... Matt has disappeared on me. I have been working on it, though. This is why I said each tour wouldn't have a definitive ending period.

More soon... promise.

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