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May 01, 2004



Rene Gonzalez is a liberal moron. Here's a headline that would fit him perfectly:

Rene Gonzalez: He is not an intellectual, in fact he should be lynched in the UMASS gymnasium

Peter Caputa

I guess we are all entitled to our opinions. In the spirit of free speech, I guess I'll allow your comment to litter my weblog.

Fortunately for Rene Gonzales, lynchings aren't allowed in the US. That little thing called the Bill Of Rights prevents us from prosecution or persecution for the things we say.

Do you ever say, 'liberal' without following it with 'moron'? They aren't synonomous, You know? Just like 'Ignorant' & 'Conservative' aren't synonomous. But, If I had to guess, you don't know the difference there, either.

Prove me wrong?


I've tried several times to send an e-mail to Mr. Gonzalez. Unfortunately, either his mailbox is full or he has closed it. Not surprising, considering his cowardly attack on Pat Tillman. Rene Gonzalez is a maggot. For what its worth, I am a registered Democrat, not a conservative and am a veteran.


I cannot believe Rene questions the validity of Tillman's heroic life. It is sad to me that Gonzalez has such a stereotypical view of athletes. Rene is blinded by his/her own prejudices that she holds against any person who ever excelled in athletics. I am curious as why Rene is so scarred from some sort of encounter with athletes. It is important to make the distinction between "dumb jocks" and dedicated athletes. Tillman was just as educated and intelligent as he was athletic. He was a scholar, intelect, athlete, brother, friend, and humble. Tillman was against any recognition from the media for his choice to join the Rangers. He did not want to be recognized as being any more brave or patriotic than the soldier standing next to him. It is too bad that Rene's own ignorance blinds him/herself from acknowledging that men like Tillman die for Gonzalez's freedom to write such bullcrap. Pat Tillman is my hero!


Rene Gonzalez ha. What an ignorant loser. Why doesn't his pussy ass go fight in Afhganistan. What does he know about Pat Tillman. He knows nothing. That was the stupidist attempt to write an article that I have ever read. I am disgusted by this worthless piece crap. Pat Tillman is a hero, Rene Gonzalez is a joke.


While Rene (whoever he or her is) was overly offensive, I see conservatives wishing death on their ideological opposites all the time and no one makes much of it. Why this ballyhoo about someone who was just expressing an opinion, of which there are millions in the world today?
And Rene is right in one sense; this glorification of soldiers has gone to ridiculous extremes. Hero worship has replaced logical thinking when it comes to soldiers like Tillman. Whenever someone mentions how Tillman was defending Gonzales (or me, for that matter) I want to gag. Bin Laden is still running around,
his no.2 still issues threats and Tillman has made us safe?
I don't hear Canadians going on about "freedom" and "liberty" all the time. Know why? Because they mind their own business, hence they will not be the target of terrorists, and therefore they don't need to send jock turned soldiers to Afghanistan or Iraq to defend their freedoms.
Yeah, they did send troops to Afghanistan, but that was out of goodwill to the USA.

William C. Bradshaw

Doubt if Rene Gonzalez is much of a man. If the time ever comes for someone to defend his family (parents, siblings, etc.), who knows, it may be a 21 year old female with more courage and guts than Rene. Such a pathetic being.

Mike Harris

Rene Gonzalez. That doesn't really sound like an american name to me. Maybe we should send his pussy ass back to the Dominican Rebublic, or where ever the hell he came from. Sure, its easy to sit on your ass with a pen and paper and critize heroes like Tillman, but what if it was his unamerican ass oversees. Of course like that would ever happpen since he has no balls. He is just jealous of Tillman and the man that he was. I say we pin him to a wall and beat the shit out of him- for Pat Tillman since he can't right now.

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