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May 01, 2004



Damn.. invites gone, and no one linking back.. now isn't that just sad. Just when I tought I'd gotten my hands on a gmail account :)

Anyone care to invite me? ;)

Peter Caputa

that is very sad.


I think someone at gmail is already onto this. The gmail login doesn't work but the orkut login does.


Bart: someone probably changed the password. Care to reset it by answering the secret question, Peter? (if that's not changed as well, that is)

Peter Caputa

secret answer doesn't work either.
the answer was poopoo.

i don't understand why google would change it.
I could see whey they'd make the orkut one invalid, but not the gmail account, unless there is something in the terms of use about it.

maybe somebody was desperate enough for an account that they took trygoomailandorkutfree@gmail.com as their own account.


I respectfully disagree with your arguments and suggestions.

I *LIKE* that both Gmail and orkut are invite-only, and frankly, I wish they'd stay that way.

This creates accountability and helps prevent or prosecute illegal behaviors.

For instance, if someone uses a Gmail account to send out illegal phishing schemes (to steal credit card numbers), Google only needs to trace the account to the person who invited that jerk. Oh, the original person auctioned off an account on ebay? Too bad, so sad! Hope they both get punished heavily.

Same with orkut. You invite someone who ends up being a spamming jerk? Well, then, it's pretty easy for Google to kill both accounts, and then the spammer can't simply sign up a new account right away, can he?

Whereas if the systems were completely open, then spammers could use bots (or underpaid workers) to simply open up thousands of accounts with no accountability.

I think Google's really on to something.

Are there unfortunate side-effects of this? Certainly! For those who are less connected (geographically or techwise, etc.), they're likely to get accounts much later than others, and I think this is not good. A way for Google to mitigate this would be to reach out to 'underserved' areas of the 'Net and distribute 'seed' accounts in that way.

But right now, especially with regards to Gmail... if you're an active blogger and blog reader (on blogger.com or otherwise) or you've been an active Google translator or you've participated in Google answers or you have friends in high tech... you're likely to have scored yourself an account already.

No system is perfect. But I like the way Google is doing things.


You know I disagree a little with you...but in a slightly different way.
I got into gmail yesterday, when somebody invited me, even though I was a complete stranger.
do a search on gmail+invite on feedster and see how many people are offering gmail invites for a poem, a picture or a song.
Is google trying a community building effort here? Or did it turn into unconsciously.
Serendipity is a good thing. I have made friends out of people who would rather give away their invite for a song, than sell it off on ebay.
So here's the deal, when I get additional invite capability, you get one of them.

Peter Caputa

wow. excellent and thoughtful comments. thanks adam and sandy with gracing my blog with them.

Adam... I fail to see how exclusivity or invite only schemes keep out bad seeds. Your argument is that by making the systems invite only, then spamming using gmail or spamming in orkut, wouldn't occur.

I think this is a false assumption. That is like saying you can prevent a terrorist crime in the US by policing the borders with Canada and Mexico better. There is no way you can control human behavior in a group by policing the gates.

Also, you argue that spamming wouldn't occurr because the person who invited the person would get their accounts cancelled by the "google administrator". They aren't doing this now. What makes you think they'll start?

Also, should I be accountable for a friend that isn't aware of the community's rules? Or is aware and snaps one day and decides to break them? Guilt by association isn't an appropriate way of discouraging bad behavior, unless you want a pure police state. I don't think this is a good approach. This is akin to holding a parent accountable for their 30 year old son's crime. That isn't kosher with me.

You do bring up a good point about spam, though.
After playing around on orkut for a little while, I do think it is susceptible to spam. There are too many group mail functions in the system to avoid that. And just by hooking up with someone or joining a community, I can receive those. If the spam picks up, which it will, I'll be forced to limit my group and community involvement.

Sandy... I do think that Google is leveraging the blog world. I doubt their goal is to "build" community. I believe that you found a few friends, is rather incidental to their goals.

Rather though, I think it is a marketing technique. Seth Godin advanced the idea of viral marketing, or marketing through connectors in his book, IdeaVirus. To create an ideavirus, you make your product worth talking about and then you get your customer's to spread the word about it.

Google has always done this with the search engine. Make it the best and people have talked about it. With orkut and gmail, I now think that they are just building it into their products.

The fact that people are finding clever ways to give away accounts and make a few new friends or online acquaintances is incidental.

The more I think about it, the more I think the 'exclusivity' isn't a bad thing. Google is
creating good products and offering them to us for free. If they want to scale up to a billion users this way or use us to market the products through click of mouse, then that is their perogative.

It is pretty damn smart!



i tried the login to perpetuate the idea of a continuous loop of invites. why is it not working? I realize i am coming a little late to the party but would really like a gmail invitation....

Peter Caputa

Update IV 5/2/2004 The orkut account was deleted and the gmail account is no longer accessible.
I guess they intend to enforce the exclusivity? I have no proof that google authorities deleted these accounts. If they did, a little comment on why would be appreciated.

Hetal Patel

I would love to get a gmail account if anyone has a spare invite. Thanks in advance.


Also looking for a Gmail and Orkut invite. Sigh, I guess I was a little late getting here as well. Oh well, if anything changes, love to be included on this.

Take care!

- Avi


who doesn't want a gmail account including myself.
It sure is nice of all these people that are giving away free invites, but me and tons of others only dream of having one.
All the hype over this thing... ehehe. =)


Just wondering if you might be able to send me an extra invite for Gmail...I could really use one since I live 8 hours from my family and we are constantly sending pics back and forth...I need the storage!

Thanks in advance!

Peter Caputa

this is what I am sending people that clutter my comments with requests for gmail. link

I am also signing you up for spam. (Just kidding.)


Anyone have an extra invite? Please send to RL_Langley@Yahoo.com


I'll trade a mikeisgod.com or guessmyrace.com email account for a gmail invite :o

just kidding.. but i do really want one



I'm one of the many that's also looking for one. I will make this agreement - if I get two invites, I'll give one to a friend and one to someone else on this list. Sound good? I'm at Rob_Erickson_1@yahoo.com (c'mon - help me out with a lame e-mail address like that!).


I need an ivitation too. plz send one to ck2sb@yahoo.com and I'll give out both invitations to the people here. thx.


If possible, send me an invite and I'll keep circle going as well?


Nathan Adolph

I would like to get an orkut invite.

Name: Nathan Adolph
email: nathan0@gmail.com

Nathan Adolph

I would like to get an orkut invite.

Name: Nathan Adolph
email: nathan0@gmail.com


Please invite me to join gmail

my email: windyswonderland[at]yahoo.com

Ket Sia

I would like to get an orkut invite please.

Atif Jalal

I would like to get an orkut invite please.


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