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April 25, 2004


Ivan Liang

Appreciate for giving me an invitation to join Orkut !!Thanks!


i'd love a gmail invite, pyroguy002@yahoo.com

Peter Caputa

I bet you would.


can u send me a gmail invite. Im sick of AOL


Peter Caputa

b4 more people ask me for a gmail invite, read the blog. you'll see that my scheme for free and unrestricted gmail and orkut accounts for all hasn't worked. I am recommending that someone who needs some side cash, follow this scheme. Then there'll be gmail accounts for everyone.

So, if someone follows that scheme, I will gladly point to them.

Koh W H

Can I have an orkut invite, please? I emailed you about it, but it seems that you haven't replied. Thanks.


Hey i know this is a long shot but if anyone has any free gmail invites left will you please send it to me



Any Chance or getting an Invite to Orkut? I'm not saying I'll give you the old reach around, but I sure would appreciate it.



I'd be grateful for an Orkut invite. Thanks much!


GMail, Chocolate Nazis and fashion tips for the season
puhh, well, I hurried and here I am, begging to get a G-Mail account! Why? Because I wanted to dress up and drink coffee with a bisexual friend of mine in the shabbiest place on earth called the rendez-vous. That's why. I just don’t have a life, I'd like one, so if you don't have any invitations left, just send a life. I won't send you paypal, because I don't know what that is, if you accept international credit cards there might be a way (but there is none, still). You have none left? Well, listen anyway, I’m just bored. One month and a half left, then I'll be back in Germany. I'm an exchange student (here, USA), just so you know. Frankly, I don't even know you, but guess what, I'll beg anyway, because it's such a humane thing to do. Am I humane? Certainly not, I keep bothering people about things they probably don’t even care about. People then always come up with those stupid associations, like that I were a communist spy. And what’s in for me? Well, a mail address like redspymarcus@aol.com, just to please the people that hate me anyway. It’s sad if you actually think about it, so please don’t. Just concentrate. What are you doing next? Where do you want to go today (uhh copyright problems!)? Maybe you should eat something, just because eating is awesome. Trust me, I know, and I already look like a wise man. No, just kidding, I’m not too fat, I guess. Don’t ask my thighs, they’ll lie. That’s what thighs usually do, they also complain (wait till they here about the chicken I had earlier!). What was I saying? I don’t really know. Do I care? Certainly. Definitely maybe, I guess. Have you ever wondered, if anybody would survive a nuclear holocaust? Okay, it wouldn’t be called holocaust, if people would survive. But what would be there? Cockroaches I guess, and probably Cher. Uhh and another thing. Since when do girls know, that guys have urinals in there bathrooms? When do they find out, how? But more troublesome, what do girls have, we don’t know about?

Bye. Marcus von Gruenberg-Schmidt (a name I’m destined to have, later, I guess)


im hoping you can offer me an orkut invite too. i've send you an email. thanks in advance.

Anuj Jain

Hi dude,

Can you send me an Orkut invite at orkut@jainanuj.com? Thanks a lot :)


Wow. You're very generous. I'd love an invite to anything! I'd literally do antyhing to get involved with the gmail scene!!!


I would like to try gmail, but nobody I know can send me an orkut invitation (so I can sign up for gmail). Can you spare me one?

Thanks a lot.


Wow, do you think you have any more spare orkut/gmail invites? If not that's fine; I still think you're really cool for offering that.


hi! I was kind of confused with the name of your blog and your email address. I'd like to be invited to Orkut, so maybe you could invite my email ad? Thanks a lot! I'd really appreciate it if you invite me ^_^


I am sure anything restricted or forbidden is appealing,And after passing the gates the things are at best ordinary

Scott Allen

Everything commoditizes. Now people are giving them away to people they don't know. As of day 3, they were selling for about $15 on eBay.


hi can i get an invite for orkut




I sent you an e-mail requesting an orkut invite. Hopefully you can help me out, thank you!



It would be great to get an invite. Can you? Would you? Please :D



I'd like an orkut invite please.

David W. Quinn

I would love an Orkut invitation!


Please send me an invite if you could, I would be extremely grateful.


Please send me an invite if you can, I would be greateful.

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