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December 30, 2005


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Craig Newmark

I hear Russian brides are hot!


Pete Cashmore

It's funny because it's true.

Best. Predictions. Ever.

PS. Look out for Noodly.com in 2006. I think you might like it.

Susan Mernit

Peter--All this ALREADY HAPPENED, right?
Great post for the new year--stay on this role!

Paul Montgomery

I wouldn't say "I told you so."

More like: "Can someone please tell me what it was supposed to be in the first place?"

Peter Caputa

Hi Susan. I don't think that some of these are too big a leap based on last year's happenings. So, yeah.

Paul, in due time. I've talked to the root team and have a better handle on what is coming, and the corresponding value to /root vault users. And a lot more will be out during 2006.

Pete. I am looking forward to seeing anything you are doing. Let me know when it is ready. I signed up for the alpha preview.

brian dear

Peter, I started researching EVDB in the Summer of 2002, prior even to the launch of iCalShare.com. I finally started registering EVDB domains in May of 2003. Go do a "whois".

Domain Name: EVDB.NET
Created on: 04-May-03

Domain Name:EVDB.ORG
Created On:04-May-2003 18:14:21 UTC

EVDB.com was already taken, but I waited it out and finally got it in June 2004.

Andy released Upcoming.org in Sept 2003.

If you wanna gimme grief, gimme grief about not releasing EVDB until March 2005; at least the basis for the grief would be accurate :-)

Peter Caputa

I hear ya, Brian.


Watch for collegeuncovered.com to become a powerful open source forum for college students.

PS- Big news on the horizon for the Invenio Group.

Peter Caputa

Looking forward to it, Matt.

Dan Marques

Thanks for the Invenio prediction! In addition to some exciting new ventures in our portfolio for 2006 we also have some key developments over the next few months that will hopefully have a broad impact.

Nancy Tubbs

Pete, I just have to say this is hysterical, best list I've seen. And most likely to be accurate, too. Thanks for another year of great posts!


Chris Radcliff

A few predictions of my own:

The Web 2.17 design ethic replaces tiny grey text and big colorful images with tiny grey images and big colorful text. Flickr repurposes itself as a freefont archive.

Yahoo, Google, O'Reilly, and Apple merge into a company briefly named YaGooFoople, then renamed Web 2.0, which manages to acquire Microsoft just before disappearing in a puff of smoke and stock options.

The US Government creates a new RSS Bankruptcy Court to provide citizens relief from crushing attention debt. Options include "Chapter 1.3-NonAttribution" bankruptcy and the more popular "Chapter 1.1-ShareAlike", which provides debt restructuring across social networks.

Peter Caputa

Nice ones, Chris. :)



















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