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November 07, 2005


Gregory Narain

I think it means wuv, as in L-O-V-E.

Look at it closely, it's a heart ;)

<3 greg

Michael Fagan

quite right. most myspacers don't know to use &hearts; (♥)

Hmn, I'm guessing the encoding isn't going to go through the way I want it to...

Michael Fagan

Okay, I take that back. It didn't work in the preview, but it posted okay ;-)

Peter Caputa

So, how do you do it?


♫♫♫ it's all in the coding! ♫♫♫
(its easy just to use Character Map)


WTH does <3 mean? please help it is driving me crazy!

Dossy Shiobara

Turn your head 90 degrees clockwise (to the RIGHT, duh) and look at it.


It's a l33t0 m0zquit0 ASCII "heart". Just like :-) when your head is 90 degrees counter-clockwise (I'll let you figure this one out) is supposed to look like a smiling face.

Now you know.

Bobby Fisher

What does 8==D~~ mean...im so confused


What does 8==D~~ mean...im so confused

Just look at it.... squirt squirt jizz jizz


It look like balls (8) and a dick with ==D

just a guess though you tart.


<3 means love


I did a google and this is where I found my answer thanks! Exact same thing I got just that in a comment on My Space and scratched my head thinking WTF!?!? LOL


thanks for the explanation, been wondering about that one for a while


thanks for the explanation, been wondering about that one for a while


how do you make that heart thing, like the ♥ (i just copied and pasted from someone else, idk how to do it tho and im not sure whether it will even turn out) not the <3 ?? we're hopeless!!!!

thanks 4 the <3 explanation- it was really beginning to frustrate me! and jesus loves each of you with an unfailing love ;^)


oh i though ♥ meant hearts and <3 meant sumthin for emo people


it looks more like a flower

looks more like an ice cream cone with boobs


you're all drunk... go to sleep dummies....


OMG thanks people and thank god GOOGLE exists i finally found out what that stupid <3 was gosh.


thank god i finally figured out what that ment ppl have been sending that thing to me and im goin uhh.....oooooook lol


so does


1337 |5 $() |23+/-\|2|)3|) ... thnx for the explanation tho.. been buggin me too.


to make symbols such as ♂♀♪♀♫☼►◄↕‼◙☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ you just hold "alt" n press a number on the numlock numbers. eg alt+3=♥ alt+169=® wow its magic....

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