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October 19, 2005



The thing you keep missing Pete is that it takes more than a website (even with all the tools) to bring people to an event.


And, by the way, who are the "big players" to which you refer? The only "big player" who tried to do this (and hired event planners on a 1099 basis to do what you described above) failed.


Ok, I get it, you are referring to the speed dating companies, I assume.

peter caputa

I am not missing that, Mark. I know damn well what it takes to get people to events. I host two events per month. Plan a large ski trip every year. And am intimately involved with the promotion (not just web promotion) of 3 other events/month.

There aren't many organizations (let alone individuals) that are capable of pulling something like this off. Therefore, I must be doing something correct on the web to make life a bit easier. If you've been reading closely, you'd understand that we use the web to streamline peer to peer promotion, which is the biggest part of getting people to any event. Unlike most promotional companies, we make that promotional network available to anyone. And we've built the tools so that event producers can manage the promotion through individual promoters in the network.

That's what makes our events successful. And that is what could make singles event planners successful.

Yes, I am referring to the speed dating companies.

I realize you are quite slow on the uptake and unwilling to approach things from different angles. So, I understand that you are still reaching for excuses for remaining behind a fake name and not trying WhizSpark for your supposedly HUGE event organiazation. When you are ready to come out of your hiding place, I am still willing to talk. At this point, I think your just a paranoid quack.

Thanks for the talking points, though.

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