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September 21, 2005


Greg Gershman

Well, there's the OAR blog (authored by my bro), as well as blogs for many other musicians/groups. Now if they started podcasting bits and pieces from each of those artists...man that would be huge for them.


Two things.

1) I still have the email that I drafted and sent to some un-named execs at MySpace a full year ago when we were just brought under the IMIX umbrella, suggesting RSS and how it would be an incredible tool for MySpace to leverage. I suggested specifically that they actually allow users to syndicate their friends lists to their own livejournal pages, band websites, blogs, or whatever. Given that MySpace at the time was all about driving registrations and traffic to the site, I figured...what better way, than allow MySpace users to syndicate MySpace content outside of MySpace and drive traffic via these feeds BACK TO MYSPACE. At the time, they didnt have blogs, but that would have been a no brainer for RSS obviously...

2) As far as anything worth subscribing too, I need to call you out on that statement and tell you that it comes off as a bit pretentious. With 25 million users, most of which are squarely in the demo that REALLY drives the shaping of the web (while people like you and I talk about it), I have to imagine that there is plenty worth reading. Even if you and I don't read it per sey, I would imagine there are many many many MySpace blogs that kill our traffic combined. Just because it is written outside of Wordpress or Typepad, by an angst ridden 19 year old with no job, doesn't make it any more or less interesting. We need to get over ourselves sometimes...we aren't that cool.

Peter Caputa

Re 1: I know you have been pushing it.

Re 2: Very true, Andrew.

I just made myself look obviously very old. Check out my myspace profile and you can see the age gap and interest gap between me and the average myspace user. But, I shouldn't discount. They are certainly driving the web's evolution more than we are. Or we think we are.



Visit http://angelfire.com/planet/access

*note* Server and Proxy knowledge required.

Myspace Chick

I found these very useful instructions posted on the net that showed me how to access my myspace in school. I hope they help! :)


I heard in a forum that there will be duplicate sites like this just in case schools block those sites too. Good luck!

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