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July 11, 2005


Randy Charles Morin

It's not a study, it's a blog entry and I found it interesting. Mostly, that Technorati is winning the minds of the end-users.

Peter Caputa


Richard MacManus

What Randy said - it wasn't a "study", but a blog post looking at some interesting trends. You'll also note the title of the post ends with "...according to Alexa" - so it was obvious (I thought) that it wasn't being presented as an objective study.

So great, I'm now going to be the number 1 Google result for "dumbest study".

Interesting thougts about Technorati being a media company btw...

peter caputa

LOL. I hear ya, Richard. Just think that it is a bit biased. There are quite a few people working on RSS search/discovery. Showing an alexa graph of pubsub vs technorati really dumbs down the differences in their approach and technology. Long term, I think pubsub has just as good or better chance of addressing this market. Blogdigger, feedster, waypath and others have different approaches. Boiling it down to alexa traffic really doesn't get it. And I am sure there are many people that will read your post and not understand all of those intracicies.

I do love your blog. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for you comment.

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