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July 07, 2005


Clarence Wooten

While you are teaching what you mentioned in your post, why don't you also have her read a Web 2.0 primer that explains why this stuff we love so much will impact entrepreneurship and venture investing.


Noah Brier

Hey Pete,
Would you really rather have a tinyurl that pointed to the permalink than just have her quote your homepage (assuming it's correct)? It dilutes your blogs brand (please forgive me for saying that).

Also, in most cases, mainstream media outlets are quoting you, and I would assume you'd have a hard time convincing them that you exist in your entries and not in your "site." (If that makes any sense at all . . . give me a break, it's early.)

Also, I think this is related but I can't quite put it into words: http://www.kottke.org/05/05/web-fundamental-unit

Peter Caputa

Interesting points, Noah. I guess what is most important 'in my head' is that if a reader wants to read more, they can get there.

And as long as my name is mentioned, I don't think it dilutes my brand. Since my brand is me. I think this would be the ideal qay to quote a weblog in print: 'Peter Caputa IV' says 'adsfasdfads blah blah'
Source: http://tinyurl.com/123456

If the source is a forum site or group blog than, it might be a different story. I'd probably recommend something like this: Avatar_name (or real name) at Volcanoboy.com says 'sfdasd blha blah'
Source: http://tinyurl/3423

Not sure where you are going with that link, Clarence. I presume it is your blog. If you want me to read something, feel free to IM or email me. Otherwise, I think it is a bit off topic from my post. I'll leave it for posterity.


The tinyurl.com URLs don't last forever. Why don't you just create a short URL redirection service at WhizSpark and use that? It'd also come in handy for event website URLs. And then while you're at it, buy a domain for this blog. Your full name is still available.

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